Talk TV: Selective staff recruitment policy

Talk TV’s choice of presenters and panellists reveals a predilection for hiring people from wealthy backgrounds.  Almost all of the onscreen staff attended very expensive private schools.

Below is a list of some of Talk TV staff announced a few days before its launch on 25th April (2022), the school each attended and the current yearly fee for each school.

(Note: All prices below are for 2021-2022 academic year.  Prices were lower when the people named attended each school.)

  • Tom Newton Dunn – Marlborough College – £39,930 per annum
  • Emily Sheffield – Marlborough College – £39,930 p.a.
  • Isabel Oakeshott – Gordonstoun – £42,750 p.a.
  • Douglas Murray – Eton College – £44,094 p.a.
  • Bim Afolami – Eton College – £44,094 p.a.
  • Miatta Fahnbulleh – Beechwood School – £30,600 p.a.
  • Adam Boulton – Westminster School – £43,272  p.a.
  • Jeremy Kyle – Reading Blue Coat – £18,039 p.a.

There are only a handful of presenters/panellists who attended state schools, including Piers Morgan whose primary school is a private school.

Seven of the people listed above went to schools whose yearly fees are in excess of £30,000.  Even allowing for the fact that the fees are tax-deductible for the customer (due to UK tax system favouring the wealthiest) they are five times the yearly state pension for people in the UK and more than twice the yearly full-time salary for someone on minimum wage (before tax and national insurance deductions).

Tom Newton Dunn, Marlborough College

A tiny percentage of the population of UK can afford such fees.  That percentage is much less than the seven percent of children that attend private schools because most private schools do not have fees as high as those mentioned above.

There is no educational or professional reason why a presenter or panellist on a debate- and opinion-driven TV channel needs to be a product of a very expensive school.

The extremely skewed choice of presenters is partly due to huge bias throughout news media industry toward hiring privately-educated people. 

The key motivation for Talk TV’s highly selective recruitment policy is the necessity for its staff to be beneficiaries of the skillset that elite private schools inculcate in their pupils.  That skillset includes

  • Unwavering focus on supporting concentration of wealth
  • Ingrained ignorance of realities of life for most people
  • Intrinsic belief in racketeering and theft as definitions of humanity
  • Irreparable suppression of awareness of concepts of community and society
  • Revulsion toward integrity, accountability and humility
  • Hollow bombast and anti-didactic verbosity designed to preclude debate and analysis
  • Conman’s patter including arts of deflection, obfuscation, misdirection and relentless dishonesty
  • Belief that law is not applicable to them

The most expensive private schools are machines to produce enablers of economic and political systems that divide the country into a small elite of wealth gatherers and everyone else as providers of that wealth.  Talk TV, like all of Rupert Murdoch’s businesses, has the single aim of supporting wealth concentration.  Its use of private school machines is vital to the aim.

Talk TV: Selective staff recruitment policy

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