Merry-go-round of scoundrels

As tactical manœuvres several Tory MPs resigned from posts in the government yesterday (5th July 2022).  Their decisions were motivated by protection of future government roles: They wanted to distance themselves from the pending collapse of Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister.

Among the departed were Rishi Sunak (Chancellor) and Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) and among newcomers or promoted were Nadhim Zahawi (from Education Secretary to Chancellor), Steve Barclay (Health Secretary) and Michelle Donelan (Education Secretary).

Unsurprisingly, media (both right-wing and centrist) and politicians (both Tory and alleged “opposition”) indulged in a frenzy of giddy excitement at the developments including bizarre descriptions of departing Sunak, Javid and others as “honourable” and reporting of a deluge of, often anonymous, quotes from Tory MPs.  Gossip, and gossip about gossip dominated their expectorations.  They behaved exactly like the fanbase for TV show Big Brother on its “eviction night.”

The observers’ chatter was full of declarations of the importance of what happened and the greater importance of consequences thereof.  But, like Big Brother, the events were irrelevant to the realities of life.  They were unappealing sideshow entertainment and a torrent of swirling dead cats.

Some Tory scoundrels left their jobs; some other Tory scoundrels were appointed to new jobs or moved from one job to another.  Tory scoundrels still occupy positions of power.  Tory scoundrels are still making decisions that favour a small elite and are still using billions of public money to feed the permanently unsatiated appetites of wealth hoarders.  Tory scoundrels are still privatising NHS for the benefit of racketeer private health industry.  Tory scoundrels are still enabling a devastating cost of living crisis, particularly for fuel and food, for the benefit of fuel suppliers and all the participants in food supply.  Tory scoundrels are still handing billions to the arms industry, with the additional consequence of prolonging war in Ukraine.

Effects of Tory scoundrelling are of no interest to the powerful, to the voices that are allowed to be heard and to those whose decisions directly affect people’s lives and livelihoods.  They prefer to dance and giggle at an absurd grotesque circus.  Big Brother was a light entertainment TV show that was enjoyed and despised almost equally but, crucially, it affected only the lives of its few participants, and it was just a mild distraction for viewers like most TV entertainment.  The nonsense in and around Downing Street yesterday and in TV and radio studios, as pointless as Big Brother, was also a distraction but played out in a bigger theatre – all the TV news programmes, all the talk radio channels, all the newspapers, the Houses Of Parliament – and was a distraction from what the Tory scoundrels, the departed or the newcomers, are doing to all us.

This must be the end for Boris Johnson” opined every centrist hack, for the umpteenth time.  But, even if they are finally right this time, he will be replaced with another Tory scoundrel who will carry on with the same destructive policies.

We are not in an epoch that encourages critical thinking.  We exist in a world where all lines of information for the public are blocked by hideous bloviaters demanding that we watch a battalion of clowns sharting themselves.

Tory scoundrels persist.  Nothing has changed.

Merry-go-round of scoundrels

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