The Etonian departs

The most malodorous product that Eton College presented to the world is no longer leader of Tories and will be replaced as Prime Minister when a new Tory leader is elected later this year (2022).  Hounded out by his party Boris Johnson accepted his termination with typical gracelessness in a speech of spitefulness and lack of contrition.

Johnson was elected leader of the Tories, by MPs and by party members, because of his cheerleader skillset for promotion of Brexit.  His supporters knew Johnson’s persona, particularly his unjustified self-belief and his highly-developed aversion to a moral compass, would enable him to pursue a destructive Brexit for the benefit of disaster capitalists without ever pausing or reflecting on such a path’s consequences for the majority of British people.

The architects, designers and beneficiaries of hard-line Brexit needed an arrogant soulless bastard with the ability to play the fool.  They needed a conman, a relentless and proud liar, a swindler, someone for whom integrity and morality are anathema.  Johnson, whose entire professional life, as politician and journalist, was focussed on how to please wealthy employers, suited Brexiteers’ political requirements and his buffoonery and conmanship were precisely what was needed for misrepresentation of the Brexit heist.

Johnson knew his route to wealth was dependent on concentration of wealth by the wealthiest who employed him to do their bidding.  The largest donors to the conservative party, the generous donors directly to Johnson and the tax-avoiding owners of the Telegraph got huge returns on their investments thanks to Johnson.  First as mayor of London and later as Prime Minister, every decision, every policy and every political statement by him had the intent of either directly assisting wealth concentration of else providing a smokescreen via nonsense.  Not a single minute of any day was used to govern as a responsible leader.

Wealth gatherers needed a grotesque frontman bereft of companionship with humanity.  They needed someone who never differentiated between truth and fiction, who never accepted his personal culpability for devastating errors, who didn’t give a damn about consequences and who attained what he wanted via threats rather than compromise.  

Critical analysis of Johnson, during and after his time as Prime Minister, depicted him as a “narcissist” and as always wanting to be in control and to be right, regardless of whether he was right, but Johnson knew who he worked for and he deferred to his real employers.  He knew whose instructions he should follow.  His advisers were chosen carefully.  All his public statements and all his distraction tactics were him reading a script and playing a part, written and directed by his advisers.  Johnson displayed arrogance toward political opponents, his fellow Tory MPs, ministers of state, senior civil servants, some broadcasters and newspapers, the public and even the monarch, but he was obedient toward the representatives of the wealthiest.

Election victory in 2019 was followed by hard-line chaotic destructive Brexit.  Johnson’s employers were, and remain, delighted.  As a bonus they received billions of extra cash via Tory manipulation of Covid-19 pandemic – corrupt awards of government contracts and furlough payments – and via arms giveaway to Ukrainian government accompanied by declarations of greater spending on “defence.”

Johnson completed the job for whom he works.  That job, for him, is over.  It is over because he is beyond his usefulness.  His character and his methodology that suited his employers are now a hindrance.  His demise was inevitable given his unbounded ineptitude, his acute laziness, his inculcated immorality, his ingrained preference for relentless lying and his utter ignorance of the role of a Prime Minister, despite all such characteristics being, previously, a benefit.

Ministers in the government, Tory MPs and newspaper proprietors, all of whom gave Johnson full support to become leader, to win the 2019 election and to proceed with Brexit, turned against him with vigour.  The final act of poor behaviour from him – lying about what he knew of sexual assault accusations against an MP he promoted – was an example of the cliche about a piece of straw and a heavily-laden camel, but the volte-face of his former collaborators could have occurred at any time since Brexit was confirmed.

Johnson’s awful legacy as Prime Minister should be applied to his employers but it suits the latter if he carries the blame.  To avoid him enjoying a wrecking spree, with names named and money flows identified, his employers will continue to pay him somehow.  Dirty dark money will flow his way in exchange for keeping quiet and being the main recipient of ire.

No-one who spoke with integrity or honesty has ever had a positive or complimentary comment to use to describe Johnson as a person, work colleague or business associate.  From his childhood onward he was and is an utterly contemptible person.  Disdain is his guiding principle for relationships with people.  He has no understanding of how to behave as an adult, of what respect for others means or of what self-reflection is.  For most people, the earliest modes of behaviour taught us by parents or schools were that we should value honesty, temper selfishness, and know and accept when we were wrong.  That passed by Johnson.

He is on his way out but Tories are still there.  The new prime Minister and the new cabinet of monstrosities will continue to pursue the agenda of enabling wealth concentration.  Brexit’s destruction will not be reduced.  Tory cost of living crisis will not be reversed; food and fuel costs will continue to rise.  Access to healthcare, quality education and decent affordable housing will diminish.  The transformation of UK to a charter territory, owned by a wealthy few where everyone else rents their lives, will continue.

But, prominent public voices, in parliament and in media, who are supposed to oppose or at least offer informed criticism, pretend that Johnson’s departure can mean a reset of political thinking and ensuing policy.  Constructed desperation of centrists and liberals promotes belief in “honour” and professionalism of conservative politics and politicians because the former are as committed to wealth concentration as are their Tory acquaintances, and because they fear public dissatisfaction with Britain’s alleged democracy will become demands for something different, something that seeks to erase the ability of wealthy exploiters to carry on robbing and exploiting.  

Like Trump in USA, Johnson was not an aberration of capitalist governance.  He was a necessary cog in the exploitation machine.  The unedifying presentation styles of both of them were required to gain votes.  Their departures change nothing. 

Johnson was a nasty fart but the arsehole from where he was released is still in power.

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The Etonian departs

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