Sunak versus Truss: Whoever wins it will be a deliberate disaster

How far down in a cesspit must British politics reside that in September (2022) one of Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be UK’s prime minister?

(Update, 5th September 2022: Liz Truss won the Tory leadership contest.)

Media and “opposition” politicians spout dead cattery about the contenders’ ineptitude, ignorance, dishonesty and hypocrisy.  Those observations are accurate but they aid distraction from how far to the right they are, economically and in terms of freedoms and liberty.

Boris Johnson’s job was to enable a reckless Brexit.  With that attained, he became a liability due to very visible ugliness of his morality and due to his inability to play the part of a responsible leader.  The aspects of his personality that suited unthinking rabble-rousing for Brexit were problematic when occasions arose that required him to pretend to be an adult that cared about consequences, rules, laws and public image.  He was jettisoned, as planned.  Johnson suited attainment of Brexit but the destructive consequences of Brexit need a much more focussed, directable and extremely sociopathic bastard to lead the way.  It matters not which of the two contenders wins the Tory party leadership contest.

The deciders are Tory party members who are in two overlapping categories: 1) Wealthy, selfish, divorced from reality, and 2) travellers from UKIP/Reform UK/EDL/BNP.  In their campaigning both candidates make appeals to the two categories with greater emphasis on the second.  The extent of how far they are willing to go to get votes was demonstrated when Sunak made a joke at the expense of the colour of his own skin in a speech to party members.

The real audience members for their declarations of policy intent and their general rhetoric during the leadership campaign are future beneficiaries of Tory libertarian extremism.  Sunak and Truss are speaking to their handlers at think-tanks and to the donors of the think-tanks; they are speaking to the very wealthy, to huge corporations, to owners of swathes of land and multitudinous businesses; they are speaking to those to whom they intend to gift what remains of Britain.

Candidates’ statements at hustings, debates and interviews are a cacophony of far-right bigotry and othering, attacks on liberty, free speech, right to protest and access to justice, commitments to redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the wealthiest, anti-trades’ union policy intent, bonfire of regulations that protect rights, health and safety, food safety, financial propriety and democracy, denial of climate change causes coupled with support for fossil fuel industry, and relentless lies and misrepresentation.

Every word they say is directly from the rancid bowels of extremist libertarian think-tanks, in the UK: Tax-Payers’ Alliance, Centre For Policy Studies, Legatum Institute, Bruges Group, Institute Of Economic Affairs, Centre For Social Justice, etc., and in USA: Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, Atlas network, etc.  Everything proposed, promoted and directed by these think-tanks is geared precisely to enable further concentration of wealth and control, to make ownership (land, property, public services) more and more exclusive and to destroy democratic accountability, liberty and access to justice.  

Whoever wins, the ultimate intent of the Tory government is to destroy the UK by reducing it to charter territories wherein administration (creation, imposition and judgement of law; ownership of land and property; management of public services; setting of taxes, wages and rents) is controlled by “owners” of the territories, gifted their “ownership” by the government.  Via mendacious nomenclature – “free ports,” “enterprise zones,” etc. – and via constructed misrepresentation – elucidated by, for example, charter territories protagonist Shanker Singham (see note below) – the government presents the territories positively (in an economic sense) but the reality is they are the end of what remains of a democratic system in UK.

Sunak and Truss have not suddenly been given the task of enabling charter territories; both have years of involvement as have most (if not all) of their likely cabinet colleagues. 

Their statements of policy intent during the leadership campaign are attempts to normalise the pending effects on people’s lives of charter territories.  Lack of regulations, removal of rights, destruction of public ownership of public services, denial of protest, manipulation of justice, erasure of opposition, reversal of any policy of seeking renewable energy sources are all promoted aims of both Sunak and Truss during their campaigns for leadership and all will be features of charter territories.

Learn about the design, development, use and intent of charter territories at Baker Street Herald website where there is comprehensive information on how the concepts of charter territories were developed and by whom, on various examples of territories in operation around the world, on the identities of people involved in design, operation and promotion of territories, on the connections between wealthy donors, corporate beneficiaries, think-tanks and politicians, and on the direct connection between the aim of Brexit and charter territories.

A choice of reckless Brexit (abandonment of EU laws that restrict exploitation and protect democracy) allows the Tory government to proceed with its charter territories.  This is not accidental and it is not opportunistic.  It is planned.

Johnson the clown is gone and a blinkered, obedient, soulless annihilator will succeed him.  

Ignore the analysis of Truss and Sunak as people, ignore the commentary on their alleged ineptitude or lack of knowledge, ignore their attempts to ramp up the Tories’ culture war.  Soon, Tory government will take its next steps and, whether Truss or Sunak, it will be disastrous for all of us.

Links to a pair of interviews Shanker Singham gave to two pro-charter territories orgs:

Sunak versus Truss: Whoever wins it will be a deliberate disaster

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