Grotesque authoritarian elitist festival

Yesterday, 19th September 2022, British monarch Elizabeth II was buried, eventually.  Preceding her burial was a grotesque demonstration of elitism, militarism, power, privilege and wealth.  It was a sickening festival of everything that stinks about the political and economic structure of the UK.

Elitism strutted unashamedly via closure of roads and pedestrian access to the public in the district around the funeral’s location and absence of working people present at any part of the show.  Nothing in the performance referenced the people of Britain or the Commonwealth.

Militarism dominated the agenda.  There were hoardes of soldiers marching, standing to attention, carrying the coffin and standing guard and many militarised police officers.  A connection was displayed between royalty and conquest, with echoes from many previous centuries of bloody wars.  (The pall bearers were recently stationed in Iraq.  Iraq is not at war, with or against UK.  Is their role in Iraq to protect oil companies’ racketeering?)

The funeral was an orgy of power and control.  By diktat and by coercion, nothing was allowed to be available to the public other than the funeral.  Almost all UK TV and radio channels showed hours and hours of exactly the same footage with nauseating voiceovers and commentary.  All entertainment and sports venues, many shops and most public buildings were closed.  Cancelled events included other funerals, vital hospital appointments and academic or vocational examinations.  Some public spaces were taken over by screens showing the funeral.  The intent was to force people to watch and consume the spectacle, but, simultaneously, to be excluded. 

Privilege was layered.  Elected politicians were put in their place by anonymous jobsworths; there were so many royal lackeys, attired in a variety of bizarre outfits, prancing about stiff-backed and vacant, performing a series of silly acts, mannerisms and gesticulations.  Among “royal” guests were deceptively named “non-reigning” royals.  These characters are ex-royals or descendants of ex-royals who had been kicked out of their countries by the citizens who chose democracy instead but UK royal family, as an insult to the people in those countries, continues to assign the fake fraudulent “royals” the privilege that had been wrested from them.

Wealth oozed like pus from an infected wound.  Gold, diamonds and other precious stones, mostly pilfered from all over the world during the brutal history of the British Empire, adorned crowns, jewelry and carriages.  No expense was spared, from vehicles to ostentatious uniforms and even the coffin.  Police and military were drafted in from all over the UK.  Of course, the public are footing the bill.  It was an exhibition of wealth that was entirely at odds with the current state of the cost of living in UK which will be exacerbated by the cost of this circus.

The queen’s funeral and its pathetic coverage were a kick in the teeth of the public followed by a face full of diarrhea.  

Grotesque authoritarian elitist festival

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