Tory government does not care about consequences of its actions

Today, 23rd September 2022, Etonian Kwasi Kwarteng announced some changes to tax and national insurance to benefit highest earners.  Added to earlier comments by him on removal of caps on executive bonuses and Tory government’s decision to hand billions of pounds to fuel supply industry, there is clarity about the aim of fleecing everybody to ensure greater wealth concentration.

Some observers responded with two, supposedly negative for the Tories, points: 1) UK’s economy will be damaged, internationally and long-term, including a severe drop in the international value of the pound relative to other currencies, and 2) the attack on living standards will lose the next general election for the Tories.  Both points are accurate assessments but Tory government does not care about consequences of its actions.

Disaster capitalists, gamblers, ransack-and-run racketeers are the drivers of government policy via their highly-paid enablers in a series of extremist think-tanks and lobby groups whose members are in government and in advisory positions to ministers, and those racketeers are beneficiaries of chaos, breakdown and destruction.  Enormous sums of money can be extracted from the public very quickly and very easily if there exists a criminally-minded government that has no intention to govern and, crucially, that couldn’t care less about its own future.  Pandemic-related payments in the Covid contracts scandal and recent billions handed to fuel suppliers are examples of how swiftly and effectively the transfer of wealth from the public to thieves can be attained.

Rapid and huge wealth concentration is the only reason the current Tory government exists.  It has no other purpose.  It has not thought at all about wreckage left behind from its rampage.  A falling value of the pound is just an opportunity for gamblers to make money by either selling the pound or by betting on its demise.  There are no frets about usual concerns of capitalists governments – deficit, government debt, interest rates, inflation – because the plan is not a long-term strategy, not economically and not politically.

Losing the next general election (to a very conservative Labour party) does not perturb Tories.  Take the money and scarper is a philosophy that doesn’t need a residual presence in government.

The process of destruction in UK was planned for decades.  All of the key protagonists in the Tory government worked toward it for many years.  They knew their aims, or were taught them by think-tanks and lobby groups (accompanied by generous donations), they developed their policies, often expressed in books (e.g. Britain Unchained), papers and speeches, they helped to formulate and enact the plan (Brexit) for the foundations needed to exercise their policies and, now, they execute their attack.

Tory government does not care about consequences of its actions.  It is happy with pseudo opponents braying about the value of the pound or about government borrowing because it keeps those supposed opponents busy.  Tory government doesn’t give a damn about expert analyses that show how the richest benefit and the poorest suffer the most from its decisions because the government doesn’t care about the next general election.

This is not just another conservative government.  It is not just another capitalist government,  It is not just another free-racketeering government.  This is not a government.  It is not an administration.  It is employees of an international crime syndicate.  It is a mob of thieves.  It is the embodiment of sociopathy.   

Tory government does not care about consequences of its actions

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