qunt n. Extreme-right politician, activist, journalist or commentator who promotes deliberate inhumane political analysis and who revels in hardships caused by conservative policy


An alphabetical list of British and/or UK-based qunts.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.  A name is removed from the list if the qunt passes away.  

  • Lee Anderson – Tory MP
  • Kate Andrews – Spectator; ex-Institute Of Economic Affairs; ex-Adam Smith Institute
  • Kemi Badenoch – Tory MP
  • Arron Banks – Businessman; multi-million pound donor to Leave.UK; ex-Westmonster
  • David Bannerman – Former Tory MEP; Bruges Group; chair Freedom Association
  • James Batholomew – Co-founder and director Museum Of Communist Terror; Telegraph; Spectator
  • Katherine Birbalsingh – Headteacher; former Chair of Social Mobility Commission; Free Speech Union
  • Suella Braverman – Tory Home Secretary
  • Eamonn Butler – Co-founder and director Adam Smith Institute
  • Jeremy Clarkson – TV presenter; Mail
  • Harry Cole – Political editor The Sun; ex-Guido Fawkes
  • Martin Daubney – Former The Brexit Party MEP; Reclaim Party; ex-News Of The World
  • Matthew Elliott – Co-founder Tax-Payers’ Alliance; co-founder Brexit Central; co-founder Vote Leave; co-founder Big Brother Watch; Atlas Network; co-founder Conservative Friends Of Russia; co-founder Politics and Economics Research Trust; Free Market Forum; Bright Blue; ex-European Foundation; ex-New Culture Forum
  • Nigel Farage – Former UKIP leader; former The Brexit Party MEP; GB News; Bruges Group
  • Niall Ferguson – Hoover Institute; Centre For Policy Studies
  • Nick Ferrari – LBC
  • Murdo Fraser – Tory MSP
  • Charlotte Gill – GB News
  • David Goodhart – Policy Exchange; Free Speech Union
  • Mike Graham – TalkTV
  • Darren Grimes – GB News; Reasoned; ex-Brexit Central; ex-Institute Of Economic Affairs; ex-BeLeave; ex-Turning Point UK
  • Jonathan Gullis -Tory MP
  • Dan Hannan – Tory peer; adviser to UK Board Of Trade; co-founder Institute For Free Trade; former Tory MEP; former speechwriter for Michael Howard when latter was Tory shadow Foreign Secretary; ex-director European Research Group; ex-Vote Leave; Students For Liberty; Bruges Group
  • Ben Harris-Quinney – Chair Bow Group
  • Julia Hartley-Brewer – TalkRadio; Free Speech Union
  • Tom Harwood – GB News; ex-Turning Point UK; ex-Guido Fawkes; former chair Students For Britain; ex-Students For Liberty
  • Adrian Hilton – Deputy Chair The Freedom Association; Spectator
  • Julian Jessop – Institute Of Economic Affairs
  • Jeremy Kyle – Talk TV
  • Quentin Letts – Times
  • Oliver Letwin – Former Tory MP; Legatum Institute; ex-Centre For Policy Studies
  • Rod Liddle – Associate editor Spectator
  • Andrew Lilico – Telegraph
  • John Longworth – former Director General of British Chamber Of Commerce; former co-chair Leave Means Leave; former The Brexit Party MEP
  • Rupert Lowe – former The Brexit Party MEP; ex-chair Southampton FC: He sent the club into administration
  • Niall McCrae – Lecturer Kings College; Bruges Group
  • Kelvin McKenzie – Former editor The Sun; former co-owner Talksport
  • Alan Mendoza – Co-founder, executive director Henry Jackson Society
  • Patrick Minford – Academic (economics); Bruges Group; Freedom Association; Reform
  • Tim Montgomerie – Co-founder Centre For Social Justice; co-founder ConservativeHome; Legatum Institute; co-founder Unherd; former speechwriter for William Hague and Iain Duncan-Smith when each was Tory leader; former adviser to Boris Johnson when latter was Prime Minister
  • Charles Moore – Tory peer; former chair Policy Exchange; former editor Telegraph, Spectator; former trustee Global Warming Policy Foundation
  • Douglas Murray – Associate editor Spectator; former associate director Henry Jackson Society; Fox News; Unherd
  • Fraser Nelson – Editor Spectator; Centre For Policy Studies
  • Isabel Oakeshott – Talk TV; ex-GB News; ex-Sunday Times; author: ‘The Bad Boys Of Brexit’
  • Allison Pearson – Journalist; Free Speech Union
  • Jordan Peterson – Former academic
  • Melanie Phillips – Times; The Jewish Chronicle
  • Stephen Pollard – Senior Adviser The Jewish Chronicle
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg – Tory MP
  • Calvin Robinson – GB News; ex-Henry Jackson Society
  • Mark Rowley – Commissioner Metropolitan Police
  • Dominique Samuels – Ex-Turning Point UK; ex-Orthodox Conservatives
  • Lionel Shriver – Spectator; Free Speech Union
  • Shanker Singham – Lawyer; former adviser to Liz Truss when latter was International Trade Secretary; former adviser to Liam Fox when latter was International Trade Secretary; Institute Of Economic Affairs; ex-Legatum Institute; ex-Babson Global; ex-Global Vision
  • Samantha Smith – Spectator; New Culture Forum
  • Paul Staines – Founder Guido Fawkes; Free Speech Union
  • Tim Stanley – Telegraph
  • David Starkey – Historian; Free Speech Union
  • Alistair Stewart – GB News
  • Desmond Swayne – Tory MP
  • Norman Tebbit – Tory peer; former Tory Home Secretary
  • Richard Tice – Businessman; former The Brexit Party MEP; leader Reform UK; Talk TV; former co-chair Leave Means Leave
  • Camilla Tominey – Associate editor Telegraph; GB News
  • Olivia Utley – GB News, ex-The Sun, ex-Telegraph
  • Emma Webb – Director Common Sense Society; Free Speech Union; New Culture Forum; GB News; ex-Henry Jackson Society; ex-Civitas
  • Chloe Westley – former Special Adviser to Boris Johnson when latter was Prime Minister; ex-Tax-Payers’ Alliance; former director Museum Of Communist Terror; alumnus Mannkal Economic Education Foundation
  • James Whale – Talk TV
  • Peter Whittle – New Culture Forum; former UKIP London Assembly member
  • Dan Wootton – GB News
  • Petronella Wyatt – Netflix; former Deputy Editor Spectator; ex-Telegraph
  • Toby Young – Director Free Speech Union


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