Blog categories


Socialism – comments on socialism and communism
Think-tanks – analyses of (mostly conservative and mostly UK) think-tanks and lobby groups
Censorship – descriptions of state censorship, and criticism of complaints about “cancel culture
Social Murder – expositions of Social Murder policy of Tory government
Public services – analyses of conservative attacks on public services in UK
Education – comments on relationships between government policy and education in UK
Climate change – criticism of conservative indifference to climate change
BBC – observations on BBC policy and its relationship with government, and examples of bad broadcasting
Charter cities – descriptions of charter cities/territories, identification of key protagonists, and expositions of Tory government’s plans
Royalty – accounts of royal behaviour, and peremptory opinions on future of British royalty
Screaming heads – analyses of libertarian talking heads, their motivation, their intent and their actions
Libertarian TV – observations on libertarian TV channels GB News and Talk TV
Parliament – comments on the workings of UK parliament
Democracy – ideas on future of democracy
Labour party – comments on policy and actions of Labour party and its key figures from 2016 to present day
Tory party – comments on policy and actions of Tory party and its key figures from 2016 to present day
UK foreign policy – analysis of foreign policy and actions – political, economic and military – of UK government
Arms industry – analysis of relationship between arms industry and defence spending
Policing – criticism of police actions
Racism – comments on incidents of racism by various administrative bodies
Far right – observations on actions and organisations of far-right activists
Political philosophy – general opinions on various political ideologies and perspectives
Satire – 1) criticism of UK satirical comedy, and 2) satirical blogs
Glossary – single blog of definitions of political words and phrases, some in general use, some invented recently by others (credited), and some devised by myself


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