CPC17: May Speech: Lies and slander and nothing else


Scripted by Bob Fleming, props supplied by The Chuckle Brothers and aided by Simon Brodkin, Theresa May delivered an entirely predictable speech today at the Tory conference.  The speech was predictably packed full of vacuous soundbites, stupid catchphrases, lies about the intent of the Tory government, lies about the intent of the opposition, lies about her own political philosophy, meaningless distractions and misdirections, and downright slander of the opposition.  It was a speech designed to deceive and it was stuffed with utter contempt for the intelligence of the British people.

The relentless blatant shameless lying was entirely predictable because that it what May has always done.  She knows that a compliant dishonest media will embellish her words to try to promote them as positive.  The last seven years of Tory rule have been dominated by deliberate misrepresentation of government intent and of government achievement.  It has been one long scam.

Speech Overview

May claimed in her speech that energy bills will be capped.  The privatised public utility services are just a means of printing money for offshore wealth terrorists and May has no intention of putting a stop to that.  If any action is taken by the government it will be minuscule, ineffectual and a confidence trick.

May promised that £2bn will be invested in new houses.  But, after the speech, it was admitted that the number of houses that will be built is very small relative to what is required and hardly any of the houses will be “affordable.”  The £2bn is just a handout of tax-payers’ money to property developer friends of the Tories with no benefit for those seeking homes.

May said there will be a “review” of university fees and a cap on the current levels.  This is immediately after a rise in fees and immediately after a large rise in interest rates on student loan repayments.  In other words, another confidence trick, another scam.

May announced an independent review of the Mental Health Act.  The Tory government has made the lives of people with mental health issues worse via drastic cuts to available medical help, huge increases in homelessness, severe cuts to benefits and a vicious benefits sanctions regime that has led directly to the deaths of many people with mental health difficulties.  For the Tories to launch an “independent review” is taking the piss.

The speech induced nausea and greater anger when May began talking absolute tripe about a “British dream.”  She meant a scenario whereby anyone from any background can attain their dreams.  That is precisely the scenario that the Tories have spent seven years destroying by making education less accessible, by making buying a home much more difficult and by making building a career much more difficult.  Her straight-faced hypocrisy was infuriating; it induced fury in the listener.  

May knew that attacking Labour policies would not work because such policies are popular and because the Tories are pretending to copy the policies.  So, she restricted herself to pathetic slander and petulance.  She made a knowingly stupid comparison of Corbyn’s Labour with the current Venezuelan government, she made a blatantly slanderous claim that Labour is “riven with anti-Semitism” and attacked Labour MP Laura Pidcock because the latter had said that she would not socialise with Tories.  Pidcock was absolutely right to say what she had said and it was great to hear a Labour MP say that.

It was an awful speech, infested with lies, punctuated by unintentional comedy and utterly worthless.  Tripe.

CPC17: May Speech: Lies and slander and nothing else

CPC17: A Clown Show Of Fearful Liars

No-one expected intelligence, fresh ideas or cohesive strategies from this year’s Tory conference in Manchester and, so, no-one was disappointed.  

The farce has had three main facets to its pointlessness: Clownish infighting, blatant lies about effects of destructive Tory policy and, most notably, fear.

Reluctant leadership contenders
The Tory party has a procedure whereby a leadership challenge can occur at any time if there is sufficient support for a named challenger.  Therefore, any Tory MP who thinks May is inept and wants to change the leader is able to start the process of her removal.  None of them have declared their intention to challenge.  All are too weak, too fearful and too cowardly to present themselves openly as a challenger to her.  Instead, they snipe, both publicly and privately, at May, at her decisions and at the performances and merits of other likely challengers.  Fox, Hammond, Johnson, Davis, Rudd, Gove, Morgan, Fallon, Greening, Collins, Green, Davidson, etc. are all spreading gossip, making barely disguised jibes and contradicting their colleagues recklessly.  It is an unedifying clown fight and has featured throughout the Tory conference.


Right-wing think-tank keep the lies flowing
As always, right-wing think-tanks have sponsored, organised and infested many of the fringe meetings at the Tory conference.  The relationship between Tories and these think-tanks is symbiotic: The latter informs the former but components of the former populate the latter.  The dual purpose of all the right-wing think-tanks is 1) to devise and present new methods of stealing from the public to feed the wealthiest elite and 2) to devise new confidence tricks to dupe the public into believing that the aforesaid theft is not happening and that everything is in their interests.

At this week’s conference the think-tank con artists have been working hard to try to present the most recent destructive Tory policies as positive, including universal credit, further savage cuts to the NHS, huge rises to the cost of university education for students, consequences of devastating cuts to fire service (Grenfell) and police (terrorism), abject lack of affordable housing and, of course, the shambolic or non-existent Brexit negotiations.  However, nothing is too much of a challenge for the fraudsters at the ever-growing steaming pile of right-wing think-tanks.

Links to brief descriptions of some right-wing think-tanks:
Institute of Economic Affairs
Tax-Payers’ Alliance
Centre For Social Justice
Centre for Policy Studies
The Bow Group
Institute For Free Trade
Adam Smith Institute

Despite the possibility of four and half years before the next general election the Tories are scared.  This fear is not just fear of losing an election, it is the fear of a fundamental change in how the country is governed.  The Tories’ fear is for the future of extremely exploitative capitalism.  They fear that the means for an elite few to thoroughly and relentlessly exploit the majority will be greatly reduced by a change in government.  The Tories’ fear is for the financial gangsters for whom they work.  It is the same fear an employee of Al Capone or of the Kray Twins would have if the protection racket was being challenged.

This stench of fear has filled every orifice of the Tory conference, every speech and every conversation, candid or otherwise.  The fear can be heard when the Tories make wild easily refuted claims about the impact of their policies, it can be heard when they make tired old comments about Labour or about socialism, comments whose solidity dissipated long ago, and it can be heard in the unnatural cadence and fake enthusiasm of every speech.  Philip Hammond demonstrated this fear when he apologised to a room full of wealth terrorists for his party’s inability to stem the re-emergence of a genuine opposition; he sounded like a cheap hood apologising to the Dons.

For everyone else, the Tories’ fear is nectar.  We should enjoy it.

CPC17: A Clown Show Of Fearful Liars

The Bow Group

(Website: The Bow Group)

“The Bow Group is chiefly engaged in the policy making process of the UK Conservative Party, which it seeks to contribute to, influence, and hold to scrutiny of the wider conservative movement.

The Bow Group is a subset of the Tory party that acts both as an internal organisational body and externally as a means to promote conservative ideology.  In the latter form Bow Group exists to con the media and public with the false assertion that it is sometimes distinct from general conservative ideology.  This con trick was devised simply to acquire more airtime and media space for conservative views.  The Bow Group’s political stance is wholly within normal conservative viewpoints and it has no particular consistent position.  That is, as a political sub-group, Bow Group is entirely unnecessary and insufficient.

Bow Group’s dishonesty and intent are clear from a sentence in an 2015 article in Bow Group webzine Crossbow:

If Conservatives want to place clear blue water between this parliamentary term and the coalition years and truly reverse the error of 13 years of Labour government, they have to hold the prime minister to account and ensure that they drag the Conservative Party to the right, rather than allowing Corbyn to drag our politics further to the left.”

Bow Group is peopled with potential Tory protagonists, normally selected from university conservative societies, and the undead like Norman Tebbit.  Many current Tory MPs are former Bow Group “alumni.”

Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney

Links to brief descriptions of other right-wing think-tanks

The Bow Group

Jacob Rees-Mogg: The archetypal Tory Gimp of Financial Gangsters

At this year’s Tory conference empty seats, vacuous pseudo-soundbites and excruciating attempts to invent a youth section have been accompanied at all times, as usual, by constant lies, misrepresentation and slander.  However, this year, not only has the slander been directed at Labour and other opponents but also directed inwardly.  While the infighting clowns throw barely disguised jibes at one another, in the land of the Tory morons, the slimy inhumane conman tries to be king.  

Warning: Rees-Mogg may approach

Jacob-Rees Mogg was taught at an early age how to make himself rich on the work of others with no contribution from himself whatsoever – at age 10 he “invested” some free money he’d been given and then complained that the “dividends” from the investment were too low.  That is, he was taught as a child to demand something for nothing at someone else’s expense.  He attended the financial gangsters’ gimps’ finishing school, Eton, and later, despite a disappointing result in his degree, he wrangled undeserved lucrative banking “jobs.”  

As an MP, Rees-Mogg has unwaveringly supported every policy that favours the wealthiest elite and has consistently opposed any policy that helps anyone else.  He has promoted bigotry as a tool to divide in order to distract people from their real enemy.  He has been an obedient servant of the financial gangsters while simultaneously lining his own deep pockets at tax payers’ expense; for example, his family home will receive a seven-figure sum from the tax-payers for “maintenance.”

Rees-Mogg is an archetypal Tory gimp of wealth terrorists:

  • Taught as a child to be extremely selfish and to steal the wealth of others
  • Schooled at Eton in the arts of conmanship and confidence trickery
  • Never misses an opportunity to fleece the tax-payers for his own benefit
  • Repeatedly promotes bigotry as a distraction tool
  • Lies persistently about his intent and his actions

He epitomises the true state of what the Tory party is in all of its putridness.  

His popularity among some Tories and their enablers in the right-wing media is desperate; it is an admission that the party has no strong contender to succeed the hapless Theresa May.  

Rees-Mogg is just another conman, confidence trickster and liar.  He is nothing more than that.  All gangsters have such filth in their PR team.  

Jacob Rees-Mogg: The archetypal Tory Gimp of Financial Gangsters

Spanish police violence in Catalonia is deliberate visible violence

The refusal by the unelected Spanish “government” to recognise the validity of the referendum for independence for Catalonia turned the referendum into a symbolic, but important, political gesture.  Today’s referendum could not have provided a true representation of support for independence because most ‘no’ voters will choose to not vote.  In that context, the “government” could have allowed it to proceed without fear of independence following as a consequence.

Instead, today, masked cowardly thugs are beating voters with clubs at polling stations.  Extreme violence, including “rubber” bullets, is being meted out to anyone who has dared to try to vote.  The ferocity of the violence is deliberate; there is no pretence of whether or not it is “proportionate.”  Elderly voters are being clubbed over the head, people are being grabbed and beaten including deliberate focus on causing severe injuries.  

All the violence by the masked cowards is done in front of cameras, both media and others.  The candidness of the violence is again a deliberate act: The Spanish “government” wants everyone to see how violent and inhumane its cowardly thugs are behaving.  It wants people to see the photos and videos of elderly voters with blood pouring from head wounds.  For the unelected Spanish “government” the referendum today is being used as a display of power, of control and of how ruthless they will be to maintain that control.  

Mariano Rajoy knows that his power grab could be challenged at any time.  He is a politician mired in corruption and in confidence trickery.  For him and his cohorts, the referendum in Catalonia is a challenge to their ability to hold onto what they have stolen.  He epitomises the criminal mentality that is consistent with the gimps of financial gangsters.  He knows that a referendum, even a symbolic one, is a display of popular power.  For the system that he works for, such displays are troublesome.  So, his cowardly thugs have been ordered to be rampantly violent, with deliberate viciousness and to do it all in full view of the world.

Mariano Rajoy: A mobster enacting public punishment as a warning to others.

Mariano Rajoy
Spanish police violence in Catalonia is deliberate visible violence

Henry Bolton: Another UKIP toad peddling the same devisive dishonest tripe

UKIP managed to elect its latest leader this week.  Henry Bolton’s apotheosis was greeted outside of UKIP by indifference; many so-called professional political analysts needed to do some emergency research to find out who on earth he is.  

Henry Bolton

Bolton aided the research into his existence by having his own promotional website.  To Bolton’s credit, his website is not as imaginative as Paul Nuttall’s was.  

However, Bolton’s lack of imagination is suffocating.  In his priorities for UKIP he just regurgitates the sad tired old dishonest claptrap that UKIP has always used to con the electorate.  Below are a few examples.  (Quotes in italics are from Bolton’s website.)

Badly managed immigration and integration have polarised our society and have created mistrust, tension and insecurity.”
Correction: Right-wing politicians (like those in UKIP) and right-wing media have promoted division and have tried to encourage people to be anti-immigrant as a means of distracting people from the true causes of problems.

UKIP has a tradition of straight, honest talking; addressing problems that others are afraid to discuss.”
Correction: UKIP has a tradition of constantly lying and its elected MEPs have a culture of doing absolutely nothing other than raking in the expenses.

UKIP is traditionally a party that refuses to be labelled as left, centre or right.”
Correction: UKIP has always been a right-wing conservative party that fully supports exploitative capitalism, including being in favour of privatisation of the NHS.

We [the UK] do not yet have control of our borders; we do not have control over immigration.”
Correction: This statement by Bolton is just a LIE.

Bolton is the next cab off the rank of con artists at UKIP.  That is all.

Henry Bolton: Another UKIP toad peddling the same devisive dishonest tripe

Institute For Free Trade

(Website: Institute For Free Trade)

“Institute For Free Trade makes the intellectual and moral case for free trade, and sees Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union as a unique opportunity to revitalise the world trading system.”

The Institute For Free Trade (IFT) is part of the marketing department for extreme exploitative international capitalism.  It focuses on promoting capitalist free trade as an alternative to “protectionist” capitalism.

In Why free trade? the IFT pretends to present an argument for unrestricted cross-border trade and pretends to address concerns about such trade.  In an ideal (utopian) world there would be no arbitrary restrictions on movement of trade but the IFT are not positioning their arguments in the context of a world free from the necessity of capitalism to exhaustively exploit the majority.  The arguments that the IFT use to support free trade over restricted trade have been removed from a general (or none) context and placed in the world that the IFT wants wherein full exploitative capitalism rules unfettered.  In the specific political world that the IFT prefers all the claimed advantages of “free trade” over “protectionism” are advantages for only the elite few; that is, the few who “own” the means of production.

Associated with wholly unrestricted international free trade is wholly unrestricted freedom of movement of people, surely.  That is entirely logical.  However, the IFT’s president is Tory MEP Daniel Hannan who most observers assume is in UKIP given his vehement and offensive anti-immigration rhetoric and former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is on the IFT board; as prime minister Abbott was happy to use navy vessels to physically and recklessly prevent immigrants from reaching Australia and he greatly expanded the illegal practices of detention of immigrants in offshore prisons such as on Manus Island.  There is no doubt that these two despicable characters remain completely opposed to free movement of people.

Daniel Hannan and Tony Abbott

As noted above, the key point about the IFT’s stance is that it has taken abstract analyses, of “free trade” versus “protectionism,” and happily stuck these analyses onto its own preferred world of full-on exploitative capitalism.  That is a clear attempt to con.  It is verbal and written sleight of hand.  The clarity of this con trick exposes the dimness of the participants and their disdain for those to whom they are speaking.  The absurdity and contradictions of the stick-on analyses is quickly highlighted by the political history of the main protagonists at the IFL, a history that includes support for trade sanctions against non-capitalist states, support for off-the-grid tax havens for the wealthy and opposition to free movement of people across borders.

The IFT’s real objective is not “free trade.”  Its objective is simply to make it easer for international capitalists to exploit more widely.  The IFT yearns for the days of imperialist colonialist empires.

Links to brief descriptions of other right-wing think-tanks

Institute For Free Trade