Protecting corruption is Tory party’s ideological priority

Elections in democratic countries present a meek choice for voters between two parties, one of which offers more public spending and the other offers lower taxes.  Traditionally, conservative parties support lower taxation and lower public spending.  More accurately, they offer reductions in public services and claim lower taxes will be a happy consequence of the cuts.

The Tory party dispensed with its manufactured persona as a conservative (spend less, tax less) party a few years ago.  Brexit dominated its campaign strategy in 2015, 2017 and 2109 elections with mixed success.  In late 2020, extremist ideology drives its decisions as a means of protecting rancid corruption and concomitant theft of public infrastructure and money.

Brexit provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the biggest theft of public resources in the history of British democracy bettered only by the scramble for unearned wealth by oligarchs assisted by drunkard Yeltsin immediately after the abandonment of the Soviet Union. 

Most of the Tories’ planned Brexit asset-stripping is yet to happen but their preparations for it include facilitatory changes to the law.  Resulting from bills passed through parliament such as Covert Human Intelligence Sources and Internal Markets bills, new laws will restrict protest – physical and written – via removal of rights and restrict access to legal redress.

Pre-Brexit, billions of pounds are being stolen from the public through the Tories’ awards of contracts to hundreds of businesses supposedly for services and products to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most of the contracts do not assist management of the pandemic and all contracts have a huge disparity between award cost and the value of the product or service provided.  Tories use a ruse to bypass tendering and inspection of the contract awards and they delay legally-obligated publication of award details.  

The Covid-19 contracts scandal is a demonstration of why the Tories are in government.  It is endgame capitalism.  Normally, capitalism seeks to perpetuate itself but the Tories think nothing of the political future.  Consequences of their actions are absent from consideration.  They intend to persist as long as possible as a fake government and dissipate when necessary.  

The rancid corruption must be protected.  New laws will help to keep it free from interference but it is important that the Tories are seen to be unbendingly focussed and immovable on policy.  If they submit once to persuasion to change then they would expose themselves to demands for change on all their decisions because everything they are doing is demonstrably wrong.  They must hold firm on everything regardless of how useless, warped or cruel it is.

Thus, when Labour asked for support in the House of Commons for financial help for families whose income had been damaged by Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the Tories voted Labour’s bill down (with the exception of five Tory MPs who voted in favour of it). 

The Tory refusal to support Labour’s bill wasn’t an economic decision.  Billions wasted on corrupt Covid-19 contract awards showed that the government can extract funds whenever it likes.  Tories couldn’t support the bill because of their necessity to never admit to any doubts; one transgression from false certainty of their decision-making would cause a collapse.

The Tories have no interest in governance.  Their purpose is to feed public funds to the already absurdly wealthy.  To protect that single policy, they need an ideology of unwavering blinkered adherence to absence of acceptance of criticism.  This ideology is not rooted in political or economic theory.  Its foundation is fear.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley chose to be the poster boy for Tories’ anti-child philosophy and its response to criticism.  Bradley enjoys being the gob and he has no reputation to preserve.  In an increasingly nonsensical series of exclamations yesterday Bradley attacked footballer Marcus Rashford, children, parents, schools and councils.  He has a record of speaking before engaging his brain and then lying about what he said, and then lying about the lying; that is, he suits the requirements of the Tories’ response to criticism.

Bradley epitomises Tory ideology of never admitting anything said, done or proposed is problematic.  Just keep going, keep lying, keep attacking; protect rampant corruption.

At one school in Mansfield [Bradley’s constituency] 75% of children have a social worker, 25% of parents are illiterate.  Their estate is the centre of the area’s crime.  One child lives in a crack den, another in a brothel.  These are the kids that most need our help; extending free school meals doesn’t reach these kids.  [£20 cash direct to a crack den and brothel] is what free school meal vouchers in the summer effectively did.” – Ben Bradley MP, October 23rd 

In the outburst quoted above the fabrication and absurdity of Bradley’s claims are deliberately ridiculous.  He abided by a policy of relentless unashamed drivel with never an iota of circumspection.

It is correct to accuse Tories of stupidity and recklessness and it is equally correct to accuse them of cruelty but driving their decisions and accompanying ineluctability is ideology and motivating that ideology is protection of their sole aim: Feed the wealthy.

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Protecting corruption is Tory party’s ideological priority

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