Tory party blogs

The Etonian departs
Etonian Kwasi Kwarteng’s Scab Law
Tory government does not care about consequences of its actions
Tory 2021 party conference marked time in destruction of society
Rishi Sunak at CPC21
Queen’s speech May 2021
Boris Johnson at CBI: Dead cat behaviour while NHS destroyed
Protecting corruption is Tory party’s ideological priority
Robert Jenrick, planning permission and statues
Oliver Dowden, culture war and selective history
Libertarian extremism in Tory government: Oliver Dowden at Heritage Foundation
Tory government support for GB News
How full is the pork barrel?
Towns Fund
Levelling up? Boris Johnson stamping down in favour of more exploitation
Fuel bills and the Rishi Sunak scam
Geidt in the bin
Tory Bratboys in Parliament
A pair of stupid men
Jacob Rees-Mogg: The archetypal Tory gimp of financial gangsters
Ruth Davidson is nothing
Hancock’s half-arsed
Dominic Raab speech on Global Britain
Rory Stewart is an offensive Etonian charlatan
Tom Tugendhat on Afghanistan
The Philosophy of Shaun Bailey
Helen Whately
Nadine Dorries

Tory party blogs

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