Hancock’s Half-Arsed

Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock is a salaried employee of Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).  His salary has been paid via regular donations from IEA chairman Neil Record. 

The objective of IEA is to demand annihilation of public ownership of vital public services via the handover of the services (and tax-payers’ money used to fund them) to vulture privateers.  IEA has particular interest in the NHS which it views as a multi-billion pound source of income for fake private healthcare charlatans to syphon off most of the fiscal funding leaving a poorly maintained, inadequate and expensive service.  


Matt Hancock was appointed Tory Health Secretary precisely because of his long-standing connection to IEA and to other extremist lobby groups for corporate gangsterism.  Following the work of the similarly corrupt Jeremy Hunt, Hancock’s role is to continue the destruction of the NHS.

Privatisation scam
The privatisation of the NHS has deliberately created billions of unearned free money for big pharma companies, property companies, recruitment agencies and invented health companies.  

Drugs’ suppliers are able to get away with charging a hundred times the normal price for drugs and for basic necessities like toothpaste because the buyers in the invented private healthcare companies happily pay up (with tax-payers’ money).

NHS property and land has been given away to property companies who then charge the NHS and patients rent.

Recruitment agencies for vital medical staff keep the majority of the money handed to them by the government while the staff remain underpaid and the services remain understaffed.

Another scam is the replacement of GPs with online GP at hand service that offers significantly less and very selective medical support; it is a tool to take fiscal funding for GPs away and hand it to a privateer charlatans with accompanying large drop in quality of service.

The fake healthcare businesses make no contribution to healthcare.  They attach logos to buildings, vehicles and staff uniforms, “employ” a few layers of absurdly highly paid “managers” and then sit back and watch their offshore accounts expand.

All the above are intended consequences of Tory policy.  For the Tories, the NHS is a cash cow for their wealth terrorist friends and Hancock is the latter’s obedient gimp.  

Fruit and bicycles
Most of Hancock’s work on behalf of the privateer gangsters is done secretly.  His public role as Tory Health Secretary is to distract, misinform and throw dead cats around.  A common tactic of the Tories and of right-wing think-tanks is to apportion blame to the individual in order to absolve the government for culpability.  This deflection is used as an excuse for not addressing funding issues.

Hancock concocted a speech today (November 5th) wherein he sought to focus discussion on lifestyle choices of individuals.  

Prevention is about ensuring that people take greater responsibility for managing their own health. It’s about people choosing to look after themselves better, staying active and stopping smoking. Making better choices by limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and fat.”

He also said the government will “encourage” employers to offer free fruit and bicycles to employees.  Most workers would prefer a living wage, better working conditions, job security, union recognition and better health and safety regulations.

Health prevention is important but Hancock’s motivation is to move focus of attention away from the huge problems that the Tory government has created in the NHS.  His tactic is clear and it won’t be the success of misdirection that he hopes it will be but he has demonstrated how dishonest and deceptive he intends to be as Tory Health Secretary.

Hancock did not mention savage Tory cuts centrally and locally to preventive care and he did not mention that he supports a complete removal of health regulations for foodstuffs after Brexit.

Hancock did not attach any blame for deteriorating health to the Tories’ vicious welfare policies.  People are becoming ill due to destitution and homelessness which are intended consequences of the government’s policies.  People with existing severe medical conditions are dying due to cuts to their income.  But Hancock shrugged off such concerns.  In a BBC interview ahead of the speech he said

The biggest impact on your health from the economy is whether or not you have got a job, and there are record numbers of jobs in this country.”

(The “record number of jobs” comment conveniently ignored zero-hours jobs, sub minimum wage jobs, absence of job security and the fact that many people have more than one job just to survive.)

In one sentence above Hancock glibly dismissed the millions in poverty – working and non-working – and dismissed anyone with any disability or health issues.  All he offered was a single deceptive statistic.

Matt Hancock, like his immediate predecessor as Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, is a well-paid puppet of those who seek to destroy the NHS.  He is an enemy of the health of the British people.

Hancock’s Half-Arsed

5 thoughts on “Hancock’s Half-Arsed

  1. I hope to be still alive when people realise the MASSIVE FRAUD being done to them by successive UK governments , labour and lib dumbs have been complicit in the tories corruption , by abstaining and failing to properly inform the electorate of the consequences of this fraud . ALL these parasitical politicians must face criminal charges and have their I’ll gotten gains seized

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