A pair of stupid men

Tory chair and deputy chair respectively, Brandon Lewis and James Cleverly, are a pair of very stupid men.  Witless and ignorant, they bring shame to the character of Peter Principle.

Stupidity is not necessarily a barrier to doing well in life.  Many unskilled professions, such as politics, journalism, broadcasting, senior positions in the military and police force, and, of course, several layers of management in business, do not require intelligence or wide general knowledge or insight.  Specific knowledge is needed alongside the capability to follow instructions and a willingness to indulge in repetitive, relentless cerebral drudgery.  Furthermore, not only is stupidity not a barrier for such occupations, it is also an advantage, even a necessity, because the accompanying facets of personality associated with stupidity – no self-awareness, no shame, no concept of society, no capacity for intellectual assessment of given tasks, stunted humanity – are useful tools to enable the stupidee to perform without hesitation or self-analysis and with blissful glee.

Current Prime Minister Theresa May made good use of her stupidity until she encountered the need for clarity of thought, deductive reasoning and foresight in order to negotiate a workable method for exiting the European Union.  However, her stupidity shone again after a succession of defeats and near defeats – including an inter-party vote of no confidence, a conviction for contempt of parliament and abandonment of a key vote on a Brexit deal – were shrugged off nonchalantly by using stupidity’s concomitant qualities of shamelessness, detachment from awareness and conflation of truth and lies.

Stupid attracts stupid.

Brandon Lewis and James Cleverly with Theresa May

The respective roles of Lewis and Cleverly in the Tory party are interchangeable.  Both are required to be cheerleaders for Tories and for Tory policy and to attack opposition politicians and policies.  Nowhere in their remits is there any suggestion or guidance regarding the veracity of any statements they speak or write. 

The dishonesty and invention of both, particularly in unchallenged scenarios, such as online, is relentless and unbounded.  No comment is ever considered by them to be too fanciful, too absurd or too libellous to be uttered or typed.  Both men are ignorant of the difference between truth and lies – one of stupidity’s attributes.

Most of their contributions are laughable but that doesn’t deter them or perturb them.  Stupidity is not perturbed by criticism or mocking laughter; its intrinsic lack of shame ensures immunity from intellectual perturbation.  

Their stupidity aids them in day-to-day activities in and around parliament.  Two recent examples, one for each stupidee, show how the consequences of stupidity can create an advantage in a combative scenario.

1) On 17th July this year (2018), in a vote in parliament on an EU-related Bill, Brandon Lewis was paired with Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson who was unable to attend the vote in person because she was on maternity leave.  Lewis, after a brief discussion with Tory Chief Whip Julian Smith, voted despite the pairing arrangement.  A short clip of him scuttling out of the chamber to the voting lobby looked like a small child dashing to the biscuit tin after a parent had finally agreed he could have one more biscuit.  Lewis’ carefree and unfettered skip to the voting lobby could not have been achieved without an absence of normal human intelligence; for a non-stupid person a twitch, a furtive glance around or even a pretence at nonchalance would have occurred but Lewis just skipped away.

2) Yesterday (December 19th 2018) James Cleverly, a man whose name proves the existence of nominative indeterminism, enjoyed the magical zoom properties of his glasses when he claimed he was able to lip read something from the back of the chamber that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said (or didn’t) under his breath.  He did not know what Corbyn said but Cleverly’s experience as a liar and inventor, coupled with expectation that the obedient media would play along, encouraged him to indulge in a bizarre pantomime of fake outrage.  His body language, facial expressions and verbal contortions were acted out preposterously in parliament while his staff passed on the instructions for support to the newspapers and broadcasters.  Cleverly’s unnatural behaviour was created by his stupidity that allowed him to focus on a lie without a second’s deviation; self-awareness, self-analysis, rational thought and shame were absent thanks to stupidity’s broom brushing such aspects of human intellect under the carpet in Cleverly’s brain.  The necessity of stupidity in action.

Self-deception is easier for the stupid to attain.  Full immersion in the mire of self-ignorance is a state available only to the stupid.  The Tory party is packed full of immersed stupidees and that is beneficial to those for whom the Tories work who need stupid obedient gimps.

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A pair of stupid men

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