Geidt in the bin

Last week (May 28th 2021) professional lickspittle (Baron) Christopher Geidt, Boris Johnson’s Independent Adviser On Ministers’ Interests, expectorated an obedient dismissal of one element of Johnson’s bulging set of corruptions. 

Johnson asked Geidt to advise on whether method and source of funding of refurbishment of 10 Downing Street’s residential rooms were in breach of any rules.  Geidt concluded that Johnson had not broken the ministerial code.

He was appointed as Independent Adviser by Johnson on April 28th which was after details of the source of payment for the refurbishment became public knowledge, and his assessment of that payment was the first task he was assigned.

Geidt was trained at two expensive private schools – Dragon School (£31,686 p.a.) and Glenalmond College (£36,900 p.a.) – to be a willing servant of wealthy elite and, simultaneously, to be a member thereof.  He was taught to believe there exists a class of people who are above everyone else, who are beyond the law and for whom lies and truth are interchangeable.

Through his work as a diplomat and in a variety of made-up roles bowing and scraping to the queen, his was (and continues to be) embedded deep within the rotting bowels of the remnants of hideous upper class detachment from reality and accountability.   

Geidt’s obsequious anti-explanation of Johnson’s dodgy deal was as unsurprising as it was nauseating.  It was circling the wagons by the wealth concentration elite.

Geidt (right) and friend

A malignant legacy of feudalism spews forth a debilitating rancid stench that infests conservatism and fills the decaying infrastructure of government, royalty and judiciary.  Britain, beset by this archaic disease, is a long way short of democracy.

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Geidt in the bin

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