BDS: Daniel Korski

Former Special Adviser to David Cameron when the latter was prime minister Daniel Korski has many jobs one of which is cheerleader for Tory ministers.  He is keen to publish his admiration for the nonsense and destruction performed by all the tōraidhe.  It matters not how inept, laughable, dishonest, lazy or maleficent any member of Johnson’s cabinet behaved.  Any and all receive a cheery published message of support and praise from Korski written in a forced unnatural style.

Even libertarian incognizant Liz Truss, who spent most of 2021 signing disastrous one-sided international trade deals in Britain’s disservice, was a recipient of his kind words.  His assessment of her pre-war visit to Moscow to speak at Sergei Lavrov differed from the consensus view on her performance.

I’m not sure I get all the hot takes on the Truss/Lavrov meeting.  It looks to me like the British Foreign Secretary was clear, denounced Russia’s illegal behaviour, defended the freedom of European states and that the Russian foreign minister, true to form, was rude and bullying.”

Truss was performing but her performance was to play the role of a behatted fool.  Korski’s perspective was equally, and more ridiculously, performative.  “Hot takes” and “it looks to me” point to a decline in the standard of education at Cambridge University.

To be fair, he has a valid reason to clap and cheer whenever a Tory minister does a turn.  Government contracts are lucrative, none more so than in the health industry.  In 2018 Korski was one of the original members of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s Health Advisory Board; one of his current businesses is “a leading European government-focused technology company.”  

His political position is extreme capitalism.  Like all committed economic libertarians he sees how the system fails and his alleged solution is to go deeper, harder, more recklessly, more viciously and more divisively.  A chain of think-tank circle-jerking involving saboteur of society Daniel Hannan and Centre For Policy Studies’ Robert Colville included Korski suggesting self-proclaimed assassin of NHS Oliver Letwin should be responsible for using Brexit as a tool (its real intent) to “deregulate” (destroy) the remaining protections, regulations and laws that dampen extreme exploitation in Britain.

He has preferences regarding who should be allowed to emigrate to UK.  Speaking about people moving to UK from Hong Kong he said seventy percent have an advanced degree, and the majority are married with children.  A great migration which should settle well.”

Unlike many arch libertarian wreckers Korski could not be accused of inconsistency.  Recently (end of February 2022), in response to a military attack by one country on another including missile attacks and an invasion, he wrote an article for Council On Geostrategy and published several statements elsewhere on boycotts, divestment and sanctioning wherein, to his credit, he maintained a clear unambiguous unwavering political position.

In his Geostrategy piece published on February 23rd he said 

It is time to disconnect from the global economy.  Sanctions have been unveiled but UK, US and EU need to go further.  The West needs to introduce a ban on owning or trading debt (sovereign or major corporate) even on secondary markets.  Then the main banks need to be cut off from clearing or currency markets and removal from the SWIFT payment system. 

Trade needs to be reviewed in total from sponsorship of sports events like Champions League to the right of other state-controlled firms to operate in the UK, US and Europe.  Access to key products required for industry need to be curtailed – such as microchips but also access to Google’s Android operating system, Apple’s stores and AWS cloud services.

People linked to the governing administration need to have their assets examined and, if necessary, frozen.  Anyone working for state-controlled entities should be compelled to resign or liable for prosecution; their work enables a foe.”

His words were clear support for a boycott of goods and services, divestment from businesses and sanctions against a government.  He promoted his article by saying the perpetrator “must be decoupled from the global economy.”

In his statements published in the last week of February and early March he reiterated his demands for strong BDS action.  

In a comment aimed at football administrators UEFA he asked for divestment from a gas company – “if you’re taking money from them you’re complicit in war” – and he said a cycling team should be banned from international competition.

He asked that international phone networks and internet search engines be made unavailable to people: “Google, Apple and Samsung should pull out.  No-one to use search or buy smartphones.”

Referring to a list of wealthy business people who knew the government he demanded that everyone on the list should be “sanctioned,” demanded that all their property in UK should be “expropriated” and proposed that the “proceeds of the sale” should be used for “rebuilding” the bombed country, and he said the Central Bank should be blocked by USA, Europe and Japan to “crash” the economy.

A neat summary of all Korski’s demands filled another statement: “If you tour there, play sports there, sell their art, fly there, eat their food, use their energy, offer them services, work for a state-linked firm – you’re backing an illegal war against an innocent country and its civilian population.  Look in the mirror.”

His keenness for a boycott and for divestment was expressed clearly when he described anyone who has “investments, relationship or business with a state entity co-owned by or supportive of the state” as “full of shit.”

No-one could doubt his sincerity.  In the week that Tory MP Robert Jenrick’s amendment was passed in parliament that curtails democratically elected councils from making decisions regarding investment of pension funds paid by public sector employees, and was described by Jenrick as “anti-BDS,” Tory cheerleader Korski was unashamedly, persistently and strongly promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions.

Daniel Korski

In addition to his strong support for BDS he wants military assistance for the people under attack.  He asked whether a no-fly zone is “feasible” and if it would be “worth the risk” of a “larger conflict.”  (Many military analysts stated that a no-fly zone would heighten the possibility of a nuclear conflict because the perpetrating country has nuclear weapons.)

Note: All of Daniel Korski’s comments quoted above referred to and were responses to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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BDS: Daniel Korski

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