Farage at Eton College

In the second week of November (2022) grifting racist conman Nigel Farage spoke at a pseudo-educational venue that prides itself on producing filth: Eton College.

Girls from a local non-fee paying school attended Farage’s talk.  Some Eton pupils, roused by his nasty divisive rhetoric, subjected the girls to classist, racist and misogynist comments.  After his performance Farage described gleefully the atmosphere as “riotous.”


He is not an Eton alumnus but its ex-pupils include fellow ex-UKIPper Malcolm Pearson, who abused his status as a peer to invite Stephen Yaxley-Lennon on a tour of Palace Of Westminster, and Douglas Murray, the posh Yaxley-Lennon.  Among other expectorations of Eton are Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix, Tory politicians David Cameron, Kwasi Kwarteng, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson, and royal princes William and Harry.

Eton’s purpose is to prepare sons of the wealthiest for careers in positions of power and influence so they can perpetuate concentration of wealth.  It inculcates arts of deception, misdirection, obfuscation, mendacity and caucacity[1].  It erases characteristics of community, compassion and cognizance of humanity.  It teaches its customers’ children that life is competition and not only must success be attained at any cost to others but also the others must suffer.  It infuses skills of “winning” arguments and debates, or responding to questions and criticisms, via evasion, distraction and dead cats and delivered loudly, contemptuously and rudely with disdain for logical reasoning.  Old Etonians lie relentlessly and never acknowledge that anything they say is false.

It was entirely consistent with the school’s morality that a piece of rancid excrement like Farage received an invitation to speak, for a not insubstantial fee, to promote his favoured bigotry, othering and lies.  Diarrhea from him and his ilk is an important part of Eton education.  The vigorous repulsive behaviour of some its pupils in response to him was expected and was his intent.

Administrators at Eton offered meek and worthless words of apology for how their products behaved but the disgusting abuse thrown in the faces of the visiting schoolgirls was a consequence of the school’s motivation to invite him to speak and was a display of the school’s philosophy.

Farage and Eton exist in the same rancid fetid malodorous rotting anus of British society and British politics.  The sooner both are gone the better.

[1] caucacity n. Strong audacity by caucasion people intended to elevate themselves above people of colour.  Blend of ‘audacity’ and ‘caucasion.’ (c. The Kid Mero)

Farage at Eton College

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