Greg Dyke, the leader of the new crusade

The response to the democratic election of Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA has been predictable.  Alongside haughty and hilariously hypocritical protestations from politicians, football “journalists” and even an unelected “prince”, unelected as both a prince and as president of the FA, an inglorious power battle has been declared by UEFA, led by Michel Platini, that seeks to usurp the elected authority of Blatter and the influence of FIFA on European football.

The clash of egos and the disunited passions of the football administrators are consequences of the process of acquiring such power wherein the attitude and persona needed to clamber to the top of football administration is swamped by megalomania, narcissism and blinkeredness.  The motivation for Platini and his gang is not integrity, professionalism or morality; the motivation is merely akin to a young child being unhappy that another child has a larger piece of pie.

Greg Dyke, the unelected chairman of the FA, has, unsurprisingly, been very keen to give his opinion to all his mates in the media.  Dyke is never short of a view.  Substance, coherence, logic, reason and usefulness are alien abstracts for Mr. Dyke.  What matters for him is that he says something and that the media report it.  “Look at me, I’m important!” is his mantra.  Dyke has noted that Blatter won an election, despite all the arrests and allegations a couple of days beforehand.  Thus, Dyke wants to fix the democratic process so that it suits his outlook; in other words, he wants to bring back the power to Western Europe.  In an interview reported by the BBC, (see Dyke), he says:

“It is a very strange system, a democracy where everyone gets one vote looks completely fair but then you say hang on a minute, Turks & Caicos Islands get the same vote as England, Germany or America, that doesn’t make any sense at all. At some stage, that might have to be changed.  What Mr Blatter has done is gone around the world encouraging any small country he can find to join Fifa and that is a vote for him.  The money is spread fairly evenly and for a lot of smaller countries that means almost their total income comes from Fifa, and they thank Mr Blatter for that.”

So Greg Dyke disapproves of one country, one vote.  Does he disapprove of the same scenario at the UN?  Those poor European countries unable to exert their power over the rest of the world.  And, evil FIFA pumping money into countries that don’t have the financial resources of the rich European nations.  But, Dyke thinks it must change.  He has be-suited himself with armour, picked up his broadsword and shield, bedecked with St. George’s cross, and he’s off on a crusade.

Dyke has his prince beside him.  The president of the FA, a post for which there is no election, prince William, is upset that one of his kind, prince Ali bin al-Husein, failed to defeat Blatter.  The doubly-unelected, doubly-appointed prince and FA president bemoaned the lack of a sense of fair play at FIFA, (see Prince William FIFA); those darned elections.

The utterances from Greg Dyke immediately prior to and since Blatter’s re-election are unintelligent, reactionary, unhelpful and wrecklessly inflammatory.  He is a clown.  Nothing he has said assists in reducing corruption at FIFA; indeed, his patronising comments have helped to solidify support for Blatter.  His support for England boycotting the world cup expresses Dyke’s contempt for England football fans and players.

Dyke needs to shut it!


Greg Dyke, the leader of the new crusade

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