Bilderberg: Sad Old Gits In A Bad Play

At least once a year a few politicians, owners of large business and bankers meet in a hotel to have a few chats about strategy and tactics that governments could use to maintain the capitalist status quo.  These Bilderberg meetings are mutual updates and exchanges of advice.  The attendees come from different countries and different political parties.  

There are some common facets of the attendees:

  • Rarely is there anyone from Africa, Central Asia or South and Central America
  • Most attendees are white
  • Almost all attendees are men
  • Many attendees are very old

(For the opponents of the continuation of exploitative international capitalism and imperialism it is nice to know that many of the culprits are in the same place at the same time for a few days.)

Myths, Pantomime, Farce
The organisers of the Bilderberg meetings have sought over the years to develop myths about the meetings.  In order to create a false sense of importance and elitism there are no recordings or minutes of meetings, there exists pantomime security around the location and attendees are encouraged to be stupidly evasive if they are asked by journalists to comment on the details of discussion or on the identity of other attendees.  This farce extends to arrests of journalists who have attempted to get close to the location when a meeting is in progress.  All this behaviour is just a Mack Sennett comedy.

Bilderberg Protection Squad

The reality is that these meetings are gatherings of the self-aggrandised and the thick who want to be part of something and who desperately crave spurious recognition as people of importance.  It is a sad example of group delusion.  Nothing remarkable is said; no fresh ideas are exclaimed; not one profound work is spoken.  Mutual ego-stroking of ham actors playing parts in a bad play.  Ed Balls is a recent attendee.

Let’s do the Bilderberg shuffle


Bilderberg: Sad Old Gits In A Bad Play

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