Tories preparing to censor left-wing politics

The incident at a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech (1) at University of the West of England is being used by the Tories as an opportunity to press ahead with their plans to censor political opposition.  Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis elucidated the con trick on the BBC’s Politics show on Sunday (4th Feb.) and the Tory party gave the media a taste of a Theresa May speech on ‘intimidation of MPs,’ to be delivered tomorrow (6th Feb.).

It is clear that the Tories’ plan is to use the law to stifle and censor left-wing opposition.  David Cameron’s Tories created the gagging law to prevent charities, during election campaigns, from disclosing the effects of Tory policy.  The current government intends to take this censorship further.

The Tories want no criticism of themselves, their statements, their policies and the devastating effects of their policies but, beyond the compliant mainstream media, the Tories are being exposed, easily, as gimps of financial gangsters; their destruction of civil society is being described clearly and relentlessly.  They intend to stop this scrutiny.

The Tories have two flanks to their attack on the freedom to criticise and expose.

1. Fake News: The government intends to censor online criticism of their actions under the pretext of tackling ‘fake news.’  Taking inspiration from China and Turkey, the main thrust of the Tory attack is to put pressure upon social media companies to coerce them into agreeing to censorship.  The Tories have no plans to address the constant lies that adorn the front pages of most of the newspapers.  It is a targetted attack on social media because that is where most written opposition to the Tories exists.

More details: Tories preparing to censor revolutionary politics: Fake news

2. ‘Intimidation of MPs’: The Tories have been whining about ‘intimidation’ since the 2017 general election because they know that the criticism is effective.  Some of their complaints have been laughable but all have been sinister.  Theresa May asked Lord Bew – a signatory to the Henry Jackson Society’s ‘Statement of Principles’ – to concoct a review and report into ‘intimidation of public figures.’  The review was designed to reach the conclusion that May desired and the report was written to highlight what the Tories feared and to gloss over what the Tories didn’t fear.

More details:
Tories preparing to censor revolutionary politics: Intimidation of politicians
Tories preparing to censor revolutionary politics: Bew Report

US politician Joe McCarthy with a list

(1) The violence at the Jacob Rees-Mogg speech came from one of his supporters, Paul Townsley, who punched a woman without provocation.  Townsley has been exposed by the Skwawkbox news site wearing a NAZI uniform: Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter in NAZI uniform.

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Tories preparing to censor left-wing politics

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