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Peopled with a rancid concoction of bigots, conmen and financial gangsters, Bruges Group is a generator of propaganda, misdirections, distractions and lies used as tools to inveigle support for a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit.  One of its tools of propaganda is a platform for extreme prejudices.

Included on Bruges Group’s wall of filth are UKIP rabble-rousers Farage and Batten, quack “economist” Patrick Minford and disaster capitalists’ gofer Daniel Hannan.

Patrick Minford

Nowhere in its literature or press releases has Bruges Group attempted to offer coherent reasoning or cogent argument.  Its rhetoric is persistently and deliberately moronic.  Style and content are drawn from the sewer that flows with ordure from the far-right Breitbart website and from the thoughts of Donald Trump.

In a contribution published yesterday (12th November 2018) Niall McCrae proposed a ‘People’s Revolt’ as a stupid counter to a People’s Vote, in which he proclaimed believe me, the establishment would do everything it could – fair or foul – to ensure a desired verdict [Remain success in People’s Vote].  A massive programme of propaganda and dirty dealings would ensue, funded by George Soros and the globalist elite.”

He enthusiastically referenced comments by Fox News screaming head Tucker Carson and expressed envy that the USA has Donald Trump.  Unlike our American cousins, we lack a character like Donald Trump to ‘drain the swamp’.”

A week earlier McCrae had compared the development of the EU to the monopolies of breweries, and Brexit to CAMRA.  “As the bland homogenisation of beer led to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), the largest consumer movement in Europe, so the federalists have provoked a reaction.” 

Aping Trump and his despicable gang, McCrae wrote randomly about “populism” and “liberal elite.”  Can populism reassert nationhood and replace the façade of ‘liberal democracy’ with genuine democratic principles?”

He depicted working-class people as haters of immigration and cast the EU as imposing “integration.”  The strategy [of the EU] from the outset was to integrate gradually so not to upset the electorates.”

McCrae gave a positive mention to white supremacist fraudster Ann Coulter.  His contributions were typical of Bruges Group and displayed brazenly its promotion of xenophobic and nationalist prejudices. 

The putrid nature of Bruges Group’s racist nationalism and ultra-conservative bigotry was encapsulated by a paper by McCrae and its director Robert Oulds called ‘Moralitis: A cultural virus’ wherein they described political support for anybody who isn’t white and straight as a “disease.”

It is an epidemic disease so powerful that it has a cytopathic effect on society, changing the cognition and behaviour of its hosts.  While older people have developed resistance, younger people are more susceptible to the virus due to their lack of immunity.  Their idealism arises from a lack of ‘real world’ experience.”

The paper was a long extension of the far right’s definition of ‘cultural Marxism.’  

The infection is concentrated in metropolitan areas of affluence and in towns and cities with high student populations, and throughout our political and cultural institutions. People who contract the virus may be divided into two types.  First are the carriers.  Not active propagators, they learn what to say and what values to convey.  As a large brigade of foot-soldiers, their compliance with moral hegemony is vital for the disease to overcome healthy minds.  The second type is the contagious.  This is the opinionated minority, enthused by cultural Marxism, who police social discourse and push boundaries to advance their cause.  Often it is such people who are promoted to positions of power.  The contagious sweep others along in their moral hubris.”

White supremacists cannot defend their anti-human philosophy with reason so they resort always to sophistry.  With deceptive intent, McCrae and Oulds quoted randomly a wide variety of philosophers and academics out of context.  They depicted the dominant culture as the victim.  It was archetypal extremist gibberish delivered with petulant nastiness.

The three (recent) examples of Bruges Group literature mentioned above revealed its single tactic of garnering support: Generate division via othering, racism and promotion of prejudices.  It has a very low opinion of working-class people and it constantly tries to appeal to base unintelligent drives.   

Following standard far-right methodology, Bruges Group seeks to convince its riled supporters that their racist utopia will be attained via whatever exploitative corporate fascism Bruges Group’s donors want.  For example, a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit that suits the disaster capitalists.  Bruges Group does not name its donors.

Last weekend (10th November 2018) it held a one-day conference in London.  Two Tory MPs, Mark Francois and Andrew Bridgen, and Tory MEP David Bannerman spoke at the conference.  Andrew Bridgen is so knowledgeable about the EU that he thought every British citizen was entitled to an Irish passport – Bridgen ignorance – and David Bannerman’s pantomime behaviour is very Alex Jones:


The Trumpist style of Bruges Group was on show on its facebook page last week via a bizarre post by former UKIP London Assembly candidate Alexander Nieora wherein he called bog standard Tory Karen Pierce a “Marxist.”  (Pierce is Britain’s ambassador to the UN.)  Nieora has form for purposeful misnomers and fake reversal of prejudices: He called former NUS leader Bahar Mustafa “racist, sexist and extremely offensive” because she had attacked white men.

As shown above, Bruges Group is a comfort blanket for cranks, charlatans, xenophobes and racists but its purpose is to campaign for an over-the-edge Brexit that favours the salivating disaster capitalists.  Its intellectual inspiration comes from Fox News, Steve Bannon, Lynton Crosby, Norman Tebbit and Donald Trump.  It is the piles on the rectum of the Leave campaign.

Bruges Group Director Robert Oulds

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Bruges Group

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