Tom Bower, a gossip writer

What image would come to mind if you were to imagine the appearance of someone who rummages through others’ discarded toilet tissue?  What would a character hiding in the bushes with night-sight and a long lens look like?  How would you depict a earwigger listening to intimate gossip of a stranger?

Would he look like this?

Tom Bower

Above is Tom Bower who claims to be an “author” and an “investigative journalist“.  Bower’s job is neither of those professions.  He is a splicer of salacious gossip about famous people.  He occupies the lowest rung on the integrity ladder of writers, a rung embedded deep down in putrid sewage.

Bower found a niche, devoid of human characteristics, and has wallowed there contentedly for decades.

Today, (Sunday 10th February 2019), the Daily Mail began a serialisation of Bower’s latest rectal expulsion, ‘Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power.’  The book is a mix of banal gossip, some mundane facts that are already known, clumsy juxtapositions and connections, absurd cod deductions and anti-didactic analysis.  It is speckled with racism.  It is trash.  It was designed to be trash.  

The purpose of the book’s existence is not its nebulous content.  It exists as another spurious tool to use against Jeremy Corbyn and as a means of occupying media airtime at the expense of genuine political discussion. 

It is noteworthy that one of Bower’s promotional events for his book is hosted by the extremist libertarian think-tank Centre for Policy Studies whereat he will be “in conversation” with its director Robert Colvile.  The event is at 57 Tufton Street next door to infamous 55 Tufton Street, the latter the home of many economically hard-right think-tanks.

It is no surprise that a vile secretly funded and relentlessly dishonest think-tank, that acts as PR for some of the most despicable wealth terrorists alive, would wade in a septic pit of personal gossip about someone whom it fears.  Fear is the key motivator.  The think-tank’s anonymous donors fear the success and popularity of the political will to erase them.

Bower is happy to make a seedy living assisting others’ political aims.  

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Tom Bower, a gossip writer

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