“Clashes?” Mainstream media and Palestinians

Today (March 30th 2018), thousands of Palestinians in Gaza took part in a protest against the theft of Palestinian land.  The protest was next to the border between Gaza and Israel that had been imposed unilaterally by Israel in breach of international law.

The Israeli army launched an assault on the peaceful protesters using snipers to target individuals and gas bombs were fired into the crowd.  All the weapons were fired across the border.  More than fifteen protesters have been killed and hundreds injured.

This assault was one of the most brutal and most inhumane acts ever by the Israeli military.  The military action was completely unprovoked and unjustifiable.  It was cold-blooded murder.

But, most of the mainstream media suffered from an affliction that caused them to avoid describing what happened with any accuracy.  According to newspapers and broadcasters in UK and USA Palestinians died, were killed and were hurt in the passive voice when “clashes” occurred.


As shown above, some media outlets didn’t even state that only Palestinians were killed or injured.

Each media outlet chose to avoid reporting that the Israeli military attacked the protesters, across a border, with snipers’ rifles and gas bombs.  They chose to portray the incident entirely falsely. 

None of these newspapers or broadcasters could claim that there was a lack of evidence: Photographs, videos and first hand accounts were available in real-time. 

The refusal to assess what was happening, and subsequent decisions to report inaccurately and inadequately, are ingrained within a lot of the mainstream media whenever Palestine is a news item.  Even blatant inexcusable slaughter of civilians cannot persuade their biases to relent.

“Clashes?” Mainstream media and Palestinians

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