People’s Vote website: A tool to promote Progress MPs


A current theme of the anti-Brexit campaign is a demand for a ‘people’s vote’ – a second referendum.  Unsurprisingly, many worthless politicians are pretending to be focussed on this demand in order to grab media time to promote themselves.  For example, the Liberal Democrats keep shoving their faces in front of TV cameras as desperate attempts to appear relevant while hoping that the public has forgotten the LibDems assisted the Tories for five years.

People’s Vote, another anti-Brexit lobby group housed at the infamous Millbank address in London, claims it has an objective that matches its name.  However, its slim website’s news section is a series of links to brief quotes from Progress MPs reacting to Brexit news or government statements.  Other politicians and activists have expressed similar views, including Labour MPs and including Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, but the People’s Vote website has only Progress MPs’ comments.  

Clearly, the purpose of the lobby group is to promote the names of the Progress MPs.  The objective is to create a false narrative that Progress is something more than just a mob of right-wing activists whose aim is to stop Labour moving leftward.  Equally, the exclusivity of only Progress comments on the People’s Vote website is a false attempt to imply that only Progress is fighting against Brexit.

These progress types are too cowardly to leave Labour and form a new centrist party so they use other tactics to try to make themselves seem useful such as piggy-backing on the anti-Brexit campaign.  They are a sorry bunch whose remaining days in parliament are numbered and People’s Vote is just a subset of Progress.

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People’s Vote website: A tool to promote Progress MPs

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