Ignorance, deference or collusion? Kuenssberg spoke to Hunt


On June 25th (2019), as part of the tedious Tory leadership contest, BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg interviewed one of the final two candidates Jeremy Hunt.  Her questions were structured to enable Hunt to spout his prepared soundbites full of lies and misdirection.  Some of the questions appeared to be challenging but Hunt was allowed to respond with evasion, distraction and irrelevant tangents without any interruptions or queries of veracity.  The questions could have been sent by e-mail or text.  It was a very weak performance from Kuenssberg.

Jeremy Hunt is Foreign Secretary but Kuenssberg’s only mention of his job was a reference to a comment he made about the EU.  There were no questions about Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine or Venezuela, and not a word about Hunt’s acquiescence with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s campaign for war against Iran.

There were a few questions on his previous role as Health Secretary but they offered mild criticism as a set up for Hunt’s mini-speeches wherein he lied about his intent, his actions, their consequences and about the causes of problems in the NHS and social care.  Kuenssberg simply gave him cues. 

Responding to one of Hunt’s deceptive monologues on his tenure as Health Secretary, Kuenssberg said

No one would question your commitment to the health service while you were there.”

That obsequious response was a thorough indictment of both Kuenssberg’s and the BBC’s attitude to both the Tories and the NHS. 

Hunt’s single objective as Health Secretary was to give away property and services – that is, continuous income – to racketeers masquerading as healthcare businesses.  Privatisation of healthcare was and is his aim with the sole purpose of providing channels for money, both public money and the money of the sick and injured, to be fed to parasites.  Healthcare is a huge source of income for the parasitical class.  The consequences of privatised health service are huge bills for those who can afford it and death for everyone else.  Hunt is an enemy of the health of the British people.

Kuenssberg offensive assessment of Hunt’s “commitment to the health service” could not be dismissed as privately-educated detached ignorance.  Her membership of the posh group at the BBC would be an inadequate excuse.  BBC’s deference to the government was also insufficient motivation for making such a stupid fact-averse comment.  The ease with which Kuenssberg uttered such nonsense stemmed from the embedment of economic libertarian ideology at the BBC via its symbiotic existence with hard-right think-tanks such as Institute of Economic Affairs, Centre for Policy Studies and Tax-Payers’ Alliance.

Despite numerous warnings, BBC news and current affairs programmes on TV and radio continue to give airtime to charlatans from the above-named think tanks and others, and they are never introduced or described accurately on air before being allowed to spout their intrinsically dishonest garbage.  As an example, earlier this week notorious professional troll Niall Ferguson appeared on Politics Live and was described by the presenter as an “historian” with no mention of the fact that he is on the board of Centre for Policy Studies. 

Kuenssberg’s absurd and disturbing comment about Hunt as Health Secretary should be analysed within the context of BBC’s dionanstic involvement with these secretly funded anti-society think-tanks.

Ignorance, deference or collusion?  It was a bit of each.  Kuenssberg was doing her job as she was instructed to do it.

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Ignorance, deference or collusion? Kuenssberg spoke to Hunt

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