(Website: CapX)

“CapX was founded to make the case for popular capitalism: now more than ever, it is vital that the case is made for markets, innovation and competition, and for policies that deliver for the masses as well as the elites.”

CapX is the pro-capitalist think-tank that houses the Screaming Heads And Professional Trolls who have been rejected by other pro-capitalist think-tanks.  (Analogously, there is an animalarium in Borth, Wales that houses zoo animals rejected by other zoos in the UK.)  CapX is a drab celebration of dampening capitalism and exclusivity, written by contributors who have not mastered a good balance between quantity and quality.  

An example of CapX trolling
Sarcastic troll Oliver Wiseman banged his head on his keypad several times and produced some nonsense about Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell.  In Wiseman on McDonnell the “writer” pretended to compare the actions of the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling during the Northern Rock Bank scam with actions that McDonnell might take in a similar but hypothetical scenario.  Obviously, the intent of the article was to cast doubt on McDonnell’s competence and responsibility because Wiseman fears McDonnell might not genuflect at the altar of banking decadence and theft.  Conversely, Wiseman praises Darling for stealing billions from the people of Britain to feed a reckless bank.  It is a formulaic article that re-writes history, conflates “the country” with financial gangsters and reeks of fear.

CapX staff who might pop up in the media

Tim Montgomerie and Robert Colvile

Links to brief descriptions of other right-wing think-tanks


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