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“As an educational charity our mission is to develop and promote new policy ideas which deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy.”

A cumbersome leviathan, Policy Exchange is in a symbiotic duonanistic partnership with almost all of the government departments including ministers and senior civil servants.  Politicians and civil servants contribute to its publications and its output is used by them as back-up to their views and proposals.  It exists simultaneously as an enormous vessel of all the known right-of-centre viewpoints on everything while being used, as is always the case with these right-wing con-tanks, as a pretend independent voice.  “Educational charity” is  a bizarre and offensively dishonest description.

It is very common for politicians to deliver a speech with Policy Exchange logos behind them like a footballer doing a post-match interview.  Such speeches need not have any connection with any contribution said politician is making to Policy Exchange; it is just free advertising for the think-tank.

Defence Secretary Gavin WIlliamson, 15th March 2018

On its about page Policy Exchange named its three greatest ideas that became government policy as

  • Directly elected police commissioners
  • The pupil premium
  • Free Schools

Elected Police Commissioners are pointless, an intrusion into policing and allowed stupid mavericks to gain power; the public rejected them via very low election turnout.  The pupil premium was erroneously presented as “extra” funding for schools but its existence merely highlighted the severe cuts that have been made to education by the Tories.  Free schools are a scam to transfer public money into the hands of grubby chancers while the education of the children at the schools has declined rapidly.  All three schemes are very stupid and very deceptive.  The fact that Policy Exchange described them as its most noteworthy achievements revealed how useless and how dishonest the think-tank is.

One of the most frequent contributors to Policy Exchange literature is David Goodhart, the self-styled ‘Head of Policy Exchange’s Demography, Immigration, and Integration Unit.’  He summarised his perspective on racism in White self-interest:

The challenge here is to distinguish between white racism and white identity politics. The latter may be clannish and insular, but it is not the same as irrational hatred, fear or contempt for another group — the normal definition of racism.”

Despicable Donors
As the table on page 6 of a Transparify report into think-tank donor transparency shows, Policy Exchange keeps its financial backers secret.  Alongside three other cheerleaders for public services destruction, Adam Smith Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs and Centre For Policy Studies, Policy Exchange doesn’t want the public, who are the target of its ideology, to know which tax-dodging organised international thieves and fraudsters are employing PR machines like Policy Exchange.

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Policy Exchange

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