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The Freedom Association (TFA) is a group of hard-right activists that exists to misrepresent and hide the intentions of wealth terrorists.  Peopled by a PR team for financial gangsters, TFA lies relentlessly about the intent of its employers. 

TFA’s contributors write and speak at the intellectual level of Fox News.  There is no attempt at serious analysis; articles and speeches are dominated by constant ham-fisted distractions and misdirections.  The strategy of dishonest communication is deliberate.

Freedom Association Patron Simon Heffer, appearing on Nigel Farage’s GB News TV show in 2022

TFA council includes the usual suspects in the Tory hard-right including MPs Philip Davies, Philip Hollobone, Gerald Howarth, Andrew Rosindell, Christopher Chope and ubiquitous right-wing think-tank rodent MEP Daniel Hannan, alongside creepy UKIP weirdo Roger Helmer, former Cameron advisor Alex Deane and editor of ConHome Mark Wallace.  The TFA faces below may appear in the media.

Cheif Exec Simon Richards, director Rory Broomfield and Head of Campaigns Andrew Allison

Examples of TFA substance and style
A regular contributor to TFA and “Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association,” Peter Mullen, is a petulant yob whose style is reminiscent of the ranting raving far-right ‘pastors’ that pop up on the aforesaid Fox News.  In Mullen on Owen Jones he re-stated libellous comments about Jeremy Corbyn allegedly working for foreign governments and attacked Jones for choosing to defend Corbyn: “Owen Jones is the psychotic in question. He has written an article in The Guardian which qualifies him for immediate transportation to the nuthouse.”  Mullen indulged in sectarian incitement in an article that sought to show that Christianity is better than Islam: Mullen on the hijab.

Dr. Timothy Tomkinson displayed an appalling attitude to his professional in Tomkinson on NHS.  He started by observing that “walking through the Emergency Department on an average day, it is clear that the system is not coping,” but then he purposefully ignored the deliberate destruction of the NHS by the Tories, claimed there had been extra funding, ignored the siphoning of money into hands of criminal privateers and concluded that “considering the dire state the NHS is currently in, we must ask ourselves what it will take for us to have a real debate about the NHS and how it is funded.”  That is, Tomkinson expressed the con trick that saw the effect of the theft and destruction by the Tories but choose to consequently conclude that public funding doesn’t work.  He is a traitor to his profession.  Tomkinson’s self-induced stupidity sparkled in Anti-Fascists are scary, a hilarious fearfest about a few anarchists in balaclavas.  His motivation was to object to all protests and fightbacks against the far-right.  

TFA’s support for Brexit is driven by a desire for the removal of any law or regulation that limits violent exploitation including the removal of workers’ rights and health and safety regulations.  Matt Ridley wrote in support of international companies being able to search the world for the cheapest workforce and for the least regulations for the workplace, regulations that would normally protect workers’ wages and their working conditions.  In cheap trainers for all Ridley presented the said desire for unfettered exploitation via a bizarre dishonest scenario wherein he pretended to be concerned about the cost of trainers.  “Free trade says to the poorest: we will enable you to get access to the cheapest and best products and services from wherever in the world they come.”  Ridley’s (false) argument failed to mention that manufacturing elsewhere in the world might mean less manufacturing in the UK and it sought to encourage the poorest in Britain to be in favour of exploitation elsewhere.  

University lecturers’ industrial action, a necessary response to pension theft, was mocked by Andrew Allison in Allison Lies.  His only justification for the pension theft was that private companies routinely steal private pensions so Allison stated that public employees should be equally badly treated.  The stance and style of this article is an example of several facets of TFA’s communication: Dishonesty, misdirection, mock drama, and division of the workforce to distract from the cause of the problem.

A few (recent) examples of TFA articles above shows that the think-tank resides in a similar cesspit to, and no doubt inspired by, US anti-thinkers like Fox News, Ayn Rand, the Tea Party and the Breitbart mob.  Its objective is to promote a vicious extreme exploitative ultra-conservative vision and to do so as dishonestly and as anti-intellectually as possible.

You’ve gotta be a record breaker
TFA was founded (as National Association for Freedom) by one of the McWhirter twins, Norris, as a response to the assassination of the other twin, Ross, by the IRA; Ross McWhirter had very extreme anti-Irish views.  The McWhirter twins had achieved fame as co-presenters on the popular Record Breakers TV show alongside Roy Castle and they edited Guinness Book Of Records.


Links to brief descriptions of other right-wing think-tanks

Freedom Association

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