Due Process (Think tank)

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Reform the European Arrest Warrant.  Time and again it has been shown that the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) system does not adequately protect human rights. We demand reform.”

Due Process claims to focus on modifications it thinks are needed to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) after Britain leaves the European Union.  Its (slim) website contains links to some imported articles that raise reasonable concerns regarding extradition procedures: Due Process EAW articles.  

But, the inclusion of the links to these articles appears to be a misdirection.  One simple test of intent of a newly formed political group is to examine which other political organisations it chooses to align itself to, and one method of examination is to see what are the first social media accounts with whom the new group connects.  An example is to see which political twitter accounts are the first that the new group ‘follows.’  


As the Due Process Follows On Twitter page reveals – (scroll down as far as possible to see the first ‘followed’ accounts) – the first fifty accounts it ‘follows’ are predominantly right-wing libertarian think-tanks and the members thereof, including all on the list below,

several fact-averse pro-Brexit rabble rouser groups,

and some right-wing agitators and professional screaming heads, namely Arron Banks, Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan.  

The above were the first, and, therefore, the most obviously like-minded accounts Due Process ‘followed.’  That gives a clear unambiguous indicator of where Due Process sits politically.  (Eventually, whoever manages its twitter account realised that they had better ‘follow’ Amnesty as well.)  Perhaps, later, some legal experts or other human rights organisations may be added to the ‘followed’ list 😐, but the first choices are a huge signpost.  The direct connection with right-wing think-tanks was exposed further  by the fact that the deputy chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, Tory MP Graham Brady, presented the ‘launch’ of Due Process at the House of Commons.

Another alarm bell sounded with the inclusion on the Due Process ‘follow’ list of a ‘bluehand’ account – @bluesmokinghand.  All ‘bluehand’ accounts on social media are extreme right-wing, are extremely racist and are vehemently opposed to human rights and to correct legal process.

‘Due Process’ twitter ‘following’ page on November 15th 2017

Due Process is just another tool of the usual gang of right-wing confidence tricksters.  Its alleged interest in the EAW is just a ruse to acquire media access.

Due Process (Think tank)

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