Margaret Hodge has a good reason to oppose Corbyn

Labour MP Margaret Hodge is determined to remove Jeremy Corbyn from his position as leader of Labour.  Usually, she has vocalised her opposition in the form of accusations of anti-Semitism aimed at him and his supporters, including a verbal attack face-to-face with Corbyn inside the House of Commons within deliberate earshot of journalists after a debate on the Tories’ Brexit bill yesterday.

In other news, if Corbyn or a like-minded colleague of his is Labour’s leader when the party wins an election then the party’s plans for tackling tax avoidance will have a significant effect on the behaviour of companies like, for example, Stemcor that pays tax equal to 0.01% of its profits.  Stemcor is registered on the notorious tax-dodging island of Jersey.  Coincidently, Margaret Hodge has over a million pounds worth of shares in Stemcor, which was founded by her father and is run by her brother, shares that routinely pay “dividends” of over £50,000 per annum to her.  

Tax-free Jersey

Thus, she does have a very good reason to fear the consequences of a Corbyn-led Labour government.

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Margaret Hodge has a good reason to oppose Corbyn

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