CPC 2018: Empty May speech with fraudulent soundbites for compliant media

Guilty feet have got no rhythm.” – George Michael

Every dishonest word spat out by Tory prime minister Theresa May in her conference speech today was predicted easily. 

She knew she could talk utter drivel, she knew she could lie shamelessly and relentlessly, she knew she could make false promises that the Tories have no intention of fulfilling (on education, housing, Brexit consequences, etc.), she knew she could make any absurd claim whatsoever about post-Brexit Britain, she knew she could make libellous accusations about Labour on antisemitism while ignoring the institutionalised racism of the Tories (including May’s racist attacks on the Windrush generation when Home Secretary), she knew she could make fraudulent claims about Tories funding public services that are just sleight of hand con tricks and she knew she could happily make thinly disguised bigotted pleas to grab far-right support.  She knew she could do all that because she knew that the media would lap it up and twist it into positive soundbites for the Tories.

“Money, money, money; it’s a rich man’s world.” – ABBA

May’s speech was, predictably, one of the most hollow speeches ever delivered by a British prime minister and one of the most dishonest and fraudulent ever.  But there was no need for May to fear being exposed because of the lickspittle behaviour of the media and of political commentators.  Right-wing media’s support for the Tories is the norm but support from the centre and from TV broadcasters is guaranteed as well.

BBC‘s Laura Kuenssberg was impressed with May’s performance.


ITV‘s Robert Peston was similarly wilfully self-fooled


In a BBC article Kuenssberg was gushing in her praise of May’s vacancy.

Well today she found it [her voice], and in the words of one of her cabinet colleagues, not a particularly close ally, ‘she found her mojo.’  From the moment she danced on to the stage – who would have thought we’d ever see that – she looked comfortable in her own skin, actually happy to be there.”

Kuenssberg joyfully lapped up the lies and deceit that May presented.

There was a consistent message – this was May the moderate of summer 2016.  A direct appeal to Labour voters, and indeed Labour MPs, who may be uncomfortable with the direction of Jeremy Corbyn’s travel. Overtly centre-ground stuff, a pitch for an era after Brexit when, perhaps, perhaps, the tensions and bitterness of the last couple of years could fade.”

The conclusion to Kuenssberg’s drivel might have been written by Theresa May’s script writer or Philip May’s accountant.

Theresa May looks today like a prime minister who knows what she wants and might, just might, have an idea how to get there.”

Tories in the centre?
There is no shifting to an imaginary “centre” from the Tory government.  The reality is that May needs the Tories to continue to be hard-right enablers of a no-deal Brexit with the constant concomitant necessity of finding others to blame. 

Equally, the savage Social Murder policies of the last eight years, falsely referred to as austerity, will continue and will increase in ferocity. 

For the Tories, taxes are free money to be handed to their wealth terrorist friends via abuse of public services otherwise known as Tory privatisation.  The vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and the ill – people who need good public services and support –  are used by the Tories as pawns for further transfer of public money into offshore accounts of a tiny financial elite.  Destitution, homelessness and death have become normal consequences of eight years of Tory destruction of public services and society.

At the Tory conference further huge cuts to the NHS funding were announced, further cuts to education funding were announced and there were no plans to address the desperate shortage of affordable homes.  A succession of ministers lied blatantly about funding and cuts led by stain on humanity Esther McVey.  Barely-disguised racism spluttered from the mouths of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Michael Gove performed a bizarre prepared pantomime that accused Labour of racism while he conveniently forgot about Windrush and forgot the Tory MEPs’ love-in with anti-Semite Viktor Orban.

Meanwhile, Brexit Minister Dominic Raab spent the conference week in a dionanistic experience with various extreme right-wing think-tanks who are funded by the most despicable disaster capitalists.  These vermin are salivating at the prospect of a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit providing them with cheap fire-sale purchases of public service infrastructure as the country collapses.

The Tories are as far-right economically as any previous British government.  To claim they are near the centre is offensively fraudulent.

Theresa May’s lies and deception are screamingly obvious but the media – right-wing and centrist – are always desperate to cling onto anything to help her and the Tories survive.

CPC 2018: Empty May speech with fraudulent soundbites for compliant media

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