Another royal wedding

Day 1
As a distraction from the shambles of the Tory government’s mishandling of Brexit, from the dispiriting economic forecasts of the budget, from the life-threatening consequences of the introduction of Universal Credit, from the ongoing life-threatening cuts to police, fire service and NHS and from every other current Tory crime, a royal announced his engagement.  

The media, most notably the BBC, plunged themselves into odious fawning, including a mind-numbing, but carefully scripted, “interview” with the happy couple on primetime BBC.  

While the nation was bombarded with a deluge of anodyne obsequiousness designed to induce catatonic states, the Tories craftily sneaked out a few policy details that might normally have received some negative media time, including another benefits freeze and a further lie and obfuscation about documents that examine the impact of Brexit on various services and businesses.


Next spring or summer there will be another royal wedding, paid for by those who can least afford it, alongside another royal birth and, given the ages of some of the royals, there will probably be a funeral or two, and those are the most expensive.

Day 2
Details of the location of the wedding were made public as part of the continuous drip-feeding of information as a tactic to keep the royal wedding in the news.  The royal family brazenly claimed that they will pay for the wedding.  Not one penny that any of the royals has, not one brick in any property and not one blade of grass on any land belongs to the royals.  Everything they have is stolen from the public and belongs to us.  So, if “the royal family will pay for the wedding” that means we will be paying. RoyalHarryWeddingDetails

Day 5
Today, the twerps visited Nottingham for a ‘walkabout.’  More accurately, they went to a random city to get more media coverage in news bulletins and photos in newspapers.  The newest member of the royals is a trained actress and so she has already perfected the dead-eyed rictus grin.  Jason Willamson from the excellent Sleaford Mods wrote a good account of the visit in the Guardian: Notts welcome here

Are they going to be touring the UK like the sodding Olympic flame?

Day 19
The date of the wedding was revealed today.  It will be on the same day as the FA cup final.  The president of the FA is the brother of the groom and he would normally attend the cup final, meet the teams prior to kick-off and present the trophy.  The date has been chosen deliberately to create a drama about the FA president’s “busy day.”

Day 25
‘Engagement photos’ were handed to the media today who obediently posted them prominently.  Markle must be a very successful actress if she can afford such a famous photographer.  They are posed photographs made to look like snapshots taken randomly.

Day 78
Some more details of the wedding day were pumped into the media today.  There will be a carriage ride through the town of Windsor at 1pm.  This will mean roads and pedestrian access will be restricted at a time when many people are shopping.  All costs for policing this ride will be dumped on the tax-payers.  Prior to the ride, Windsor council plans to remove any homeless people from view; this removal includes fining people for being homeless: Windsor council to fine homeless.

Abolition of this nonsense is long overdue.

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Another royal wedding

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