A Tory responded uncleverly to ‘I, Daniel Blake’

Ken Loach’s film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ was broadcast on TV on Saturday evening.  In a direct response to the film and to the reaction to it, Tory deputy chair James Cleverly, the dictionary definition of nominative indeterminism, vomited a few dishonest platitudes mixed with his usual snide.

His words (taken from unclever tweets) are in italics below followed by my jacksons.

I regularly help constituents who have had problems with the benefits system.”
No-one believes that Cleverly has ever helped anyone in his life.  Every claimant has problems with the benefits system because the system was designed by the Tories to be problematic.

“I know that it is far from perfect, can be intimidating and mistakes can have devastating consequences.”
It was designed to be inadequate.  The problems people face are deliberate features of the benefits system.

“The system we inherited from Labour was complicated, full of perverse penalties and claw-backs.”
Labour did start the problems but blaming Labour after nine years is a huge dead cat.

I remember headlines during the Labour years about millions of families having tax credit clawbacks.  Some of the poorest families getting hit with bills from the government that they couldn’t repay, just because they’d misjudged their income or got a small pay rise.”
Such problems have been exacerbated by the Tories.

The changes brought in since 2010 including the National Living Wage, Universal Credit, increased personal allowance, freezes to fuel duty etc have been designed to simplify the system and help people get into work and keep more of the money they earn.”
The Tory National Living Wage is a re-branding of the Minimum Wage; that is, it is a con.  Universal Credit was not designed for simplification; massive cuts to money received and a five-week gap at the start are part of the intent of Universal Credit which is to deliberately cause destitution, debt, homelessness and death.  Forcing severely or terminally ill people and disabled people to work when they should not be is not helping people into work, it is causing deaths.

We now see record levels of employment, and wages growing faster than inflation.”
Insecure, zero-hours, sub-minimum wage work should not even be classified as a job.  The only wages growing faster than inflation are those of MPs.

The people who have been disproportionately successful in getting work are those from lowest income families, BAME backgrounds, and those with disabilities.”
A translation is that many people have been forced to take zero-hours work at sub-minimum wage including people with disabilities.

A regular income can be life changing.”
Removal of and/or huge reductions in benefits paid has been life-changing for thousands of people in the sense that it killed them.

Compare that to Labour’s record.  They have always left government with unemployment higher than when they came in.  Their economic mismanagement hits the very people they claim to champion.”
Random dead cat generator.

I Daniel Blake, is a powerful and moving film.  But it is a political polemic and is particularly unfair on the public sector professionals who work in Job Centre Plus, in my experience they are proactive and helpful.  Completely at odds with their portrayal in the film.”
Cleverly has no experience of how staff operate.  The staff, fearful of losing their own jobs, follow whatever nasty instructions are issued by the overpaid management.  Assessment staff receive bonuses for failing people who apply for disability benefits.

Citing this film as ‘proof’ of how the benefits system works, as a number of Labour MPs have done, is simply wrong.”
Since the film was made, the viciousness of the Tories’ Social Murder campaign intensified.

I will continue to help my constituents if they have problems with the benefits system, I will continue to push for improvements to the system, I will continue to keep the economy growing so that we can fund a system to help those that need it.”
Cleverly has no intention of helping anyone and he couldn’t give a damn about the devastating effects of Universal Credit.  The economy is not growing, it is falling apart.

James Cleverly visits a Job Centre

Cleverly is relentlessly dishonest and nasty.  There is nothing about his mode of communication that is not repulsive.  His comments on the film were cold and full of misdirection and dead cats.  He is a very stupid man and his stupidity helps him to be heartless, shameless, intrinsically dishonest and petulant. 

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A Tory responded uncleverly to ‘I, Daniel Blake’

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